Your To-Do List When In Boracay

when in Boracay

If you are in one of the world’s best islands, you could either sit around and just marvel at the extraordinary scenery or explore more. To most people, they do both. A lot of people dream to walk along its white sand beaches. If you are there, you should make the most out of it. Divided into three stations, Boracay’s long stretch of beach area is composed of several resorts and amenities that you could take advantage of. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss when in Boracay.
If you’re into watersports, there’s surely a lot to do in Boracay.

  1. Banana Boat – It’s either you sink or you swim. Being tagged along by a speeding boat, you’d ride a yellow inflatable which basically looks like a banana as you bounce through the waves.
  2. Flyfish ride – This is the banana boat version 2.0. You have to lie on your back on an inflatable raft and then you’ll be pulled by a speedboat. As you move, it’ll seem that you are flying and gliding through the sea, just like a bouncy ride at Enchanted Kingdom.
  3. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) – If you’re into subtle water activities, try this. The steady waters in Bora aren’t really good for surfing especially when the winds aren’t strong but it is perfect for SUP, where you’d have to ride a board as you paddle in the water. It’s going to be a balancing act, so get your muscles ready.
  4. Parasail – This activity may be kind of costly but the view of the island meters up in the air would be worth it. You’ll have to hop on a parachute-like canopy which will be pulled by a boat as you go across
  5. Jetski – When in Boracay, ride a motor-powered water vehicle, go rounds across the island for an awesome water experience. This one’s never to be missed!

If you’re for underwater activities, Boracay has so much to offer, too.

  1. Snorkeling – If you’re a beginner or if you’re too afraid of being too deep in the ocean, this one’s for With the snorkeling gear, get to see different species of fishes and view the coral from the surface.


  1. Scuba diving- If you’re ready to conquer the depths of the sea, take advantage of scuba diving sessions when in Boracay. The equipment and suits are usually provided.


  1. Helmet diving-This is for visitors who don’t want to swim but still want to see Nemo and Dory, up Wearing a specialized helmet, you could reach the sea bed and walk on it, just like an underwater astronaut.




  1. Mermaid swimming-Wishes really do come true. When in Boracay, visit the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, and avail of the swimming lessons where you’d get to wear mermaid tails!


Inland activities


  1. G-Max reverse Bungee- This is an extreme ride adventure for heart strong visitors located at Station 3 where you have to hold on to your body because you’ll be thrown up in the air as if you’re a stone from a slingshot.
  2. Zorbing-This is an activity where you’d enter a transparent inflatable ball which would be rolled down a hill. Get ready because you’ll be spinning around in 360 degrees.
  3. Henna tattoo and braiding- If you just wanna chill and stay at the shore, still, there’s something else to do than swim and get tan lines. There are stalls and people offering henna tattoos where you could get temporarily inked and braids to get your summer-ready hair done. These are two of the things you shouldn’t forget when in Boracay, because those are the signs that you’ve really been there.
  4. Sunset watching-Be sure you’re out in the shore to catch the sun slipping down the horizon. Of course, an obligatory photo or Boracay selfie with the sunset would be an Instagram-worthy activity to do.




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