Your Guide to the Types of Floss and How To Use Them

Your Guide to the Types of Floss and How To Use Them

Your Guide to the Types of Floss and How To Use Them | Are you new to flossing? If you are, you might have tons of questions that need answering. When should you floss, for example, and are floss picks better to use?

Don’t panic, not everyone does it and some don’t know how to floss. You can start by learning the types of floss.

That’s where we can help. Read our guide here to learn about the kinds of floss and other useful flossing tips:

Standard Floss

The standard floss is a thin nylon string, waxed or unwaxed, that easily removes plaque and debris between teeth. It’s the ideal choice if your teeth are close together.

Most people use this type of floss. However, if you experience bleeding or any other type of complication, stop flossing and seek a dentist. You can read more tips on what to do with bleeding gums here at

Using Standard Dental Floss

Not sure how to use them?

Take 18-24 inches of standard floss and wrap most of it around your two middle fingers. Grip the floss now with your thumb and index fingers. Slide the floss between your teeth and form a U or C shape around the tooth.

Gently glide the floss up and down, pushing dirt and debris down. Don’t grind the floss in a see-saw manner.

Dental Tape

If you have larger gaps between your teeth or if you wear braces, it’ll be easier to use dental tape. This functions exactly like standard floss but the strand is thicker and wider. This makes it easier to clean the sides of teeth with bigger gaps between them.

You can also slide the dental tape through your braces, ensuring you can clean the surfaces a toothbrush can’t. You’ll need to floss under the braces and through the wires. You can then proceed to floss as you normally would, gliding the floss up and down between your teeth.

Super Floss

If you have an uneven set of teeth or you wear braces, why not try Super Floss? This type of floss has three parts: stiff floss tips, standard floss, and a thicker ribbon in the middle. Now you can use all parts of the floss to deal with all sorts of gaps and tooth appliances.

Floss Picks

If you struggle with flossing or if you don’t know how to floss, you can try out floss picks. These are standard floss strands tightened on a handle. This makes it easier to simply slide the floss between teeth and clean out the debris.

But are floss picks good and reliable? They still get the job done and they’re great tools to teach kids how to floss.

Picking Through the Types of Floss

Which types of floss should you invest in?

For people with braces, it’s better to use Super Floss. Dental tape is the better choice for people with wide gaps between their teeth. Most people, however, can simply rely on standard floss.

Floss picks are also a good option, especially for young kids still learning about dental care.

Discover More Dental Tips Today

Now you know the different types of floss and how to use them! Remember to always floss before you brush so that the brush can sweep away the dislodged dirt and debris.

Of course, picking and using floss is only the beginning of good dental care.

If you want to learn more ways to take care of your teeth and gums, we’ve got your back. Feel free to dig into more of our dental guides today and discover different tips for a better smile, right here!