Your employees the voice of the company – the importance of building an employer brand

Your employees the voice of the company – the importance of building an employer brand Maintain Motivated Employees

ExecutiveChronicles | Your employees the voice of the company – the importance of building an employer brand | Working to build the employer brand concept has multiple benefits for the company. It is to strengthen the image that a company has towards its employees and potential candidates, which in turn impacts the image towards the market and clients.

What is employer branding? Why is it important to include it among the pillars and plans of the company?

The brand is built by generating and maintaining an attractive value proposition backed by the tangible and intangible benefits that the company offers its employees. Selling and positioning your brand requires a solid base, it is necessary to have a platform where you can show the values ​​of the company and examples of the way you carry it out and, most importantly, that allows and facilitates communication between everyone.

It is necessary to listen and involve the entire company. The project must start as a strategic Human Resources plan but it impacts all areas and therefore all the leaders of the different units must participate to achieve the objective.

You must take advantage of social networks and technological tools to achieve the collaboration and participation of all employees.

The benefits can be separated internally and externally:


– Facilitates the execution of projects given the level of trust and commitment that employees have in the organization and senior management

– Talent retention, decreased turnover


– Improve talent attraction

– Your employees become ambassadors of the company

– Improves the image before clients, investors, suppliers, etc.

The benefits generate a virtuous circle between them, resulting in a more competitive company.

With the strategic planning of human resources a company can improve its image in the market. 

What actions to carry out? Work-life balance, a balanced work environment, professional promotion, recognition, etc. These are some examples of how to achieve employee satisfaction, and consequently, those that will generate a positive employer image, of a company that cares about the well-being of its workers.

Listen to your employees

Continuing with the previous point, when determining benefits, it is important to listen to employees, since their motivations and interests may vary from one profile or generation to another, for example, someone younger is still looking for learning and growth and a profile with family conciliation and security. 

Take care of the image, generate content that shows what it is like to be part of the team, the values, the culture, etc., listen and have constructive conversations with the candidates who interact with your brand. Today it is very common for a professional to take a look at your online profiles before entering a selection process, and it is easy to see if who you say you are is real or not.

After all, you need to design an attractive corporate page! 

In line with the previous point, it is important to have a website or corporate page with a well-cared design, which represents your brand, and where your values, mission and business culture are transmitted. Today, you have vaious options of creating your own corporate page, a specific space for your employer brand, where you can tell candidates everything about your company and attract the best talent. In this space you can add your job offers along with the description and images of the company, values, mission and vision, employee opinions, benefits and much more.