Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Helps Employees and Partners Continue to Sustain their Daily Needs

Yamang Bukid Healthy Products

Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Helps Employees and Partners Continue to Sustain their Daily Needs | In the face of a pandemic, making everyone a business owner can help a health and wellness firm succeed.

A health and wellness firm is thriving in the midst of the epidemic, helping its employees and partners meet their daily demands.

Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc., the Baguio City-based manufacturing and retail firm behind the extremely famous Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea, has embraced the online marketing platform to reach more consumers and provide more people with opportunities to earn.

YBHPI’s chief operating officer, Jean Cathylene Suarez, said the company is expanding its relationship base by offering shops cheaper “Negosyong May Puso” packages.

The company began as an itinerant kitchen-based turmeric-based tea business in 2013.
The business quickly expanded and expanded nationwide, with brightly colored yellow kiosks cropping up in retail malls around the Philippines.

Yamang Bukid, like most businesses during the pandemic, had to improvise and use the internet to reach clients as safely as possible.

“Our operations were impacted because many of our branches are located in shopping malls whose foot traffic was negatively impacted by the lockdowns and prohibitions on public gatherings,” Suarez said.

She explained that the company, which has over 400 physical locations around the country, decided to offer its items online, leveraging established online retailers like as Shoppe and Lazada as well as its own in-house online system via social media.

Retail packages as cheap as P3,500 were also made available as part of the company’s retailership initiative.

According to Suarez, this retailership initiative, known as the Negosyong May Puso package, has aided hundreds of partner-dealers, with partners earning at least 10% profit on their money.

Krista Agonoy was one of hundreds of Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea customers who turned to reselling the product to supplement their income.

“I started reselling the goods in April when there was a shortage of supplies owing to shuttered outlets as the strict lockdown in Manila began,” the government employee explained, adding that she became a reseller by accident.

“I was looking for locations where I could replenish my depleting stock of the tea on their social media page when I came across a post about their reseller program,” Agonoy explained.

According to Agonoy, she was now making a nice living as a Yamang Bukid distributor.
Alicia Tablizo, a college instructor, was another successful reseller. Her mother encouraged her to consume Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 since it helped her relax after a long day at work.

Tablizo remarked, “The stuff tastes well and is reasonably priced.”

She wanted to keep a supply of Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea on hand so she wouldn’t have to go out and buy more. Tablizo quickly realized that the product is a solid seller, therefore she selected for Yamang Bukid’s reseller package. She began modestly.
She explained, “I became a dealer, then a distributor.” “Now, I have a freestanding store here in Antipolo (offering Yamang Bukid products),” she continued.

The taste and wellness advantages of Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea initially captivated teacher Christopher Saremo to the product.

Saremo believes the Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea is an appropriate beverage to share with the community in these remarkable times because of the immunity-boosting properties of turmeric.

Then he decided to start his own business selling Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea, which he says is going well.

Yamang Bukid’s reseller program, according to Suarez, is a way for the company to help countless Filipinos supplement their income in these times of health and economic crisis.
She added that the reseller program tapped into everyone of Yamang Bukid’s partners’ inner businessperson. “Our partners are assisting us in bringing the Yamang Bukid brand of health and wellness to communities while also assisting them in earning a living,” she explained, adding that this was part of their motto of “doing business with a heart.”