Working on a Computer All Day? How to Prevent Eye Strain

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Working on a Computer All Day? How to Prevent Eye Strain | If you or someone you know has started experiencing eye strain from your computer, you might be surprised to find out how common it is. In fact, there are estimates that show that more than 50% of all people who use computers experience digital eye strain. These days, practically everyone uses computers, so that is almost half the population!

At first, computer screen eye strain can seem like a mere nuisance. However, as it persists and worsens, it is important to treat it seriously. Unfortunately, once this condition starts, it can be harder to get it to stop.

So how can you reverse and avoid future eye strain from computer screens? Read on to learn all about computer screen eye strain and how you can fix it!

Get an Eye Exam

When it comes to any medical problem, the more you know, the better you will be able to manage it. That means that the first step is getting more information. In general, most people should be getting eye exams every year.

At your exam, make sure to emphasize to your doctor the problems you are having with your eyes. Provide them with details about how you use computers and other screens. Try to remember when you seem to suffer from your condition the most.

Before you go to the doctor, it can be helpful to sit down and write down everything you know so far. You don’t want to leave your doctor’s appointment only to realize you left out a key fact. If the doctor doesn’t know important things about your condition, they may not be able to help you fix it.

Change up Your Lighting

In many cases, eye strain is caused by the wrong kind of lighting. This can come from excessively bright light. If you can bring down the lighting on your computer and in your office, then you might be able to relieve your eye strain.

You can also try using curtains to minimize lighting. They can also help to find adjustable light so that you can dim them.

For some people, natural light that is similar to the Sun causes less strain than artificial light. Finding special light bulbs to make more natural lighting may also be able to help.

Remove Sources of Glare

Sometimes, the glare off of your computer screen will cause eye strain. Fortunately, this is a pretty simple problem to fix. Simply put an anti-glare screen over your computer.

For other sources of clear, you can try painting the walls darker colors. Of course, this is a lot more intensive. It might be easier to simply wear glasses with an anti-reflective coating.

You can even wear glasses like these if you do not normally wear glasses. If you get glasses with regular glass instead of lenses, then you can see normally while enjoying their protective benefits.

Try Out a New Computer Screen

Getting a new computer screen might also help you. If your computer screen is using cathode ray tubes, then it may be causing your eye strain. It is better to get an LED screen and add an anti-reflective surface to it.

Old-fashioned screens create flickering images. Although you might not be able to perceive this flickering consciously, it can cause eye strain.

On top of that, you might want to make sure that your new computer screen has the highest resolution you can find. It can also help to pick up a large screen. That way, you won’t be squinting or bringing your face closer to the screen to look at things.

Change Your Screen Settings

Your screen settings can also help. You might think that you want to make your screen as dim as possible, but that is not quite right.

Instead, try to make your computer screen match your surroundings. You don’t want it to be brighter. And you also don’t want it to be dimmer, which would force you to squint at it.

It could also help to change your settings so that everything looks bigger on your screen. Zooming in and making words look bigger can help you read them more easily with less stress.

It can also help to adjust the color temperature of your screen. The bluer the light is, the more it can cause eye strain. Softer orange and red light imitate a fire.

Those softer colors cause much less eye strain.

Remember to Blink

Many people get focused on their work and forget to blink. In fact, people blink much less often when they’re looking at computer screens. Try setting a reminder to remind yourself to blink throughout the day.

Blinking is a natural way to protect the health of your eyes. The more you can do it, the more protection you will have. Fortunately, blinking is all-natural and does not have side effects.

The more you know about computer eye strain and eye strain symptoms, the more you will learn about how to reduce computer eye strain. Whether you are finding glasses for computer screen eye strain or practices you can implement, there are lots of ways to address eye strain looking at computer screens.

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Enjoy Life Free From Computer Screen Eye Strain

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this brief article on a few of the biggest interventions you can implement to avoid computer screen eye strain. Your eyes are very important, so protecting them is well worth a little extra time and effort.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels