Work Just Got Happier! A Book On How To be Happy at Work

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By Stephen Kuo

Happy at Work is a signature learning event produced every year by Salt and Light Ventures with the objective of helping employees and employers build a healthy and happy workplace. It became a weekly column in Inquirer Libre entitled “Happy@Work” featuring Boris Joaquin, who gives regular tips on how people in the workplace can find purpose and fulfillment in their jobs. This book is a compilation of the first 12 published articles from that column.

Boris Joaquin, Author

Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work confronts some of the daily issues and concerns employees in the workplace have, from how you overcome your Monday blues, dealing with stress and restlessness at work to eventually finding joy at work.

Here’s what Michelle Joaquin, the author’s wife and editor of Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work has to say about the book:

Being an editor who sometimes has to do some writing for books (introductions, blurbs, etc), I find that writing is not easy. Generating content takes time. But whenever Boris wrote his articles for Inquirer Libre – the first batch of which would eventually become the content for his book, Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work – I was amazed at how relatively quickly he finishes his articles. But when you read the quality of advice he gives those in the marketplace, you would see that fast doesn’t mean hasty. Instead, he writes from an overflow of his heart from many years of his own experiences as one who has gone through, reflected on, and mentored others on life as a working professional.  He knows the daily commute, the office politics, the banter of officemates, the desire to progress in one’s career.

Clearly, the workplace is one area of life God has given him a big heart for. Now, as an employer in the training company he co-founded, a trainer by profession, and always a mentor by heart, he puts all this practical wisdom to work through this book. He hopes to guide both those who are just beginning or in the midst of their career life — so that the workplace ceases to be a rat race, but instead one where they can experience joy and fulfilment.

Plus, it is written in Taglish, so he can communicate with his readers heart-to-heart!



Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work is now available in all National Book Store branches at P150 only. For bulk orders, you may contact the publisher, Lighthouse Inspirational’s at telephone no. 521-8217 or Lighthouse Bookstore at tel. no. 412-5938