Work Hard, Play Harder: Fun for Kids During the Pandemic

Best Hobbies That Parents Can Instill In Their Kids Work Hard Play Harder
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Executive Chronicles | Work Hard, Play Harder: Fun for Kids During the Pandemic | The ongoing pandemic curbed many young kids’ much-needed hustle and bustle for their optimal development. Children are born to move and have fun! But due to the current situation, many of them lost their playtime while others lost on mastering their favourite sports. 

This situation has a higher impact in places like Australia, where the young population is involved in sports and Olympic activities. The Annual Report of Gymnastic Australia posits that around 77% of the population is involved in a gymnastic activity. What’s more? A big part of this population comprises kids around the age of 8-12.

With the advent of kids’ gymnastic equipment, home-bound puzzles, and online activities wiring the kids on the block together, there are several different ways to make the children get back on the fun they missed out on! It means we are talking about fun learning at affordable prices and efficient time management! 

Ways to get the kids moving

Online PE Activities

These are usually school-run activities that try replacing the live playtime with online activities like a round of stretching or jumping. Many kids might not participate in such activities as their schools plan for them. In such cases, motivating them to have fun is essential! Kids can also be encouraged to come up with fresh ideas (because their idea of fun is better than ours!) and share them with others to facilitate playing and learning together. 


This is a kid-favourite! Many young Aussies love gymnastics beyond a sport and often have it as part of their routine to go to the training stadium to do a couple of planks and pull-ups every day. 91% of the gymnastic participants are children under the age of 12, according to Gymnastic Australia reports. The ongoing pandemic has curbed them, but many areas in Melbourne and Perth offer home-friendly kids’ gymnastic equipment to fill that void!

These are not only kid-friendly but are also home-friendly. These are also offered at affordable prices, which means that you can avail yourself of maximum fun at minimum prices! These types of equipment also provide a golden opportunity for parents to motivate their children to be physically active and allow them to pursue their gymnastic Olympic goals even amid the pandemic. These training tools are a must in your child’s play store!

Cognitive Hobbies

Kids usually find it disengaging to do tasks like crossword or sudoku that often appear in newspapers. But staying mentally fit is as important and exciting as staying physically fit! Not just these two, but even other fun tasks like solving a Rubik’s cube or solving riddles can be encouraged as healthy past-times. 

Encouraging kids to do such freely available mental tasks will not only keep them occupied, but they will also acquire long-term benefitting hobbies. This will also encourage them to think differently and come up with fresh ideas and perspectives. 

Indoor Games

Obviously, the pandemic disables us to hold parties outside and have a kids-only fun fest; but who said we couldn’t replicate that within the comfort of our homes? Hide and seek, laser tag, charades, scavenger hunts, trick or treat hunts, the list is endless! These are just a few examples, but almost all prescribed indoor games have relatively easy setups and are extremely engaging for adults and kids! 

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