Women Leads in Food Cart Business


By Mary Rae Floresca | Executive Chronicles

What a man can do, a woman can do better”, that’s what most women stands for nowadays. ‘Team Big Time, Big Three’ Aika Lorraine Uy, Shirley May Sibulan, and Precious Grace Capili are just a few ladies who became successful in the food cart business in Metro Manila.

Gone are the days that only men can be successful in the business. The women mentioned above went through rough paths before they were able to attain the height of their hard-earned goals. Sibulan ventured into cart business and other product selling business right after she graduated. Her tips for entrepreneurs are:

  • Starting early will help you achieve your goals earlier.
  • It’s never too late to learn and try out other businesses.
  • Best to read books, attend seminars and surround yourself with people who are in the business,

“It will help you sustain and grow your business if you have the knowledge,” Sibulan said.

After learning the products that you’re selling, what’s most important in running any business is to commit yourself and don’t quit. “Don’t be afraid of small beginnings,” Uy added.

These women not only helped themselves to be successful but also helped others, especially fellow women to be able to start their own food cart business and other product-selling business such as the Barley powdered drink mix, which they are still selling now. This proves how women can be helpful while staying humble even when they are already at the top.

“ I think one of the best strengths of a woman has its natural concern to help other people be empowered. Since I’m with “People business”, that’s an edge,” Capili explained.

Another way to get your way up in the business is not just to believe in yourself but also find a team that will sincerely encourage you and help you achieve your goals. Uy, Capili and Sibulan belonged to the group The Filipino Dream Company, Inc. which is based in San Juan, Manila. They also have satellite branches nationwide.