How Wi-Fi Thermostats Can Benefit Your Family

Wi-Fi Thermostats

In a world where we often rely on modern technology for daily tasks and household chores, it’s no wonder many families are benefiting from the installation of a Wi-Fi thermostat. Here’s how this new technology can benefit your family:

Automation and Temperature Zones


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The biggest feature is, of course, incredible comfort. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, the temperature at your home will cease to be another concern for you. Cooking heating up the kitchen? A smart thermostat will adjust automatically to keep your set temperature in the kitchen while maintaining a proper temperature for your guests in the living room. If your spouse likes to watch TV in shorts and a T-shirt while you prefer to curl up under a blanket with a book, you can set the temperature differently in the den versus the living room.

Spectacular Control Over Your Thermostat

Want to save energy and money when the family is away for the day? Turning the thermostat off is a great way to do that. But if you come home early with a sick child, for example, use an app to turn on your thermostat so your home can be the perfect temperature when you arrive. Your whole household can set the thermostat for any room through their smartphones. Plus, you can set a vacation mode or away mode if you don’t need your HVAC to heat or cool your home while you’re not there to enjoy it.

For the temperature itself, Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats yield +/- 1 degree from your set temperature, so you know exactly what the temperature will be.

Smarter Than the Average Thermostat 

Through data collection and machine learning, a Wi-Fi thermostat learns your patterns, such as when your child comes home and heats up the bathroom for a shower before going to his bedroom for homework. The thermostat will start automatically adjusting the temperature based on these patterns, although you can always manually override the automated system. Through analyzing data from the home, the system can even find ways to save you energy and money. It can also save you money by telling you exactly when you need maintenance and if you need repairs.

Your thermostat may also connect to other smart appliances, such as your air filtration system to reduce smog and allergens, or your humidifier to combat dry winter nights. These features create an amazingly comfortable home atmosphere without any effort on your part.

Wi-Fi Thermostats Pay for Themselves

Most families are concerned about money these days, so annual savings on energy costs is the gift that keeps on giving. How does the Wi-Fi thermostat pay for itself? Through increased efficiency, automation, and machine learning, of course.

Instead of paying to have your entire home heated or cooled all day and night, only pay for the rooms you are in and the times you are home. The thermostat uses data to find inefficiencies and ways to save energy and the money stays in your pocket. By adjusting to maintain the temperature automatically, you never have to wait until you can feel the difference to make the adjustments yourself.

These are just a handful of the ways your family and home can benefit from a Wi-Fi thermostat. Talk to a licensed HVAC technician to see how else your HVAC system can be improved with a Wi-Fi thermostat.