Why you’re always procrastinating?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

It is obvious that procrastination is the archenemy of productivity. When you let it overwhelm you, there’s surely a repercussion or not domino effect that you will experience. To counter this, you may do some basic steps like keeping your mobile phone away while you are working. However, why is it always you fall into the trap of doing something non-work related and end up procrastinating?

According to Theo Tsaousides, ‘Brainblocks: Overcoming the Hidden Barriers to Success’ author and neuropsychologist, procrastination is both a culprit and result so it’s important as well to check why you opt and tend to delay your work.  He added in order to keep you on track you should mentally ask questions like if now is the right time to a certain task,  you’re in the mood to work, and  you have the capacity to deliver because you have the resources and skills needed for the job.

“What is causing the self-imposed delay in execution? There are seven factors: perceived importance, existing options, past experience, required skills, available resources, expected outcomes and mood state. Each of these factors can hold you back from getting things done,” Tsaousides, also a renowned speaker, shared on Entrepreneur.

(Credit: Stocksnap.io)
(Credit: Stocksnap.io)

On the other hand, Dr. Sebastian Bailey shared on Time that complacency, the feeling that you’re right action has no effects, refusal of discomfort, fear of failure, and emotional state are the five main causes of procrastination according to a psychological study.  The Mind Gym co-founder and a bestselling author also added that everyone can be a victim of this bad habit and it would strangle your ambitions without you knowing it.  Thus, you should recognize the reasons why you do it and so you can do proper and realistic steps to counter it.  One of his examples is when you use the tactic of declaring your goals publicly to be productive and have the supports of your circle.  He cleared that it’s good to ask for support, but don’t think that alone will make you successful.