Why Your Online Campaigns Don’t Work?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles | Why Your Online Campaigns Don’t Work? | Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, marketers can utilize a number of platforms to promote their companies. Despite of this, only few can reap positive results for their campaigns due to incorrect and unfit marketing puzzles. What are the best practice to have an effective online marketing?

  • You use new platform with old styles – Tried and test copywriting, advertorial, and graphic techniques are still useful online. However, netizens have slight different tastes and ways in biting online contents in their system.  Aside from they see hundreds or thousands of digital pages, they’re attention span become shorter.   According to a study in Canada with the emergence of smartphone, goldfishes’ attention is apparently longer now than human’s  estimated 8 -second attention span. Thus, you have to study also how to engage your target market based on their behavior virtually.
  • You play beyond your brand – There’s no problem in mixing up styles like guerilla marketing, affiliation, and video blogging.  It just that you should secure each of the task you do is about the jigsaw puzzle that you’re trying to complete a.k.a. brand. As much as possible, avoid posting something that far from your services and products, unless you can connect or explain it. If online users sees your creative contents, get your message and relate those to your business easily – you’re brilliant.

In the report, branding involves sending your unique “voice” and company’s message consistently.

  • Credit: Pixabay
    Credit: Pixabay

    Your posts are not searchable and interactive. Being creative is a strong factor to capture people’s attention. However, don’t rely solely on this because as mentioned above there are many attractive online contents so you have to compete.  Amp up your contents by utilizing the techniques like search engine optimization. In addition to this, make your readers participate with your campaigns by making your contents interactive. It’s an essential part for various important reasons like you’ll know firsthand if you reach your target audience. Furthermore, you‘ll know if they get your message, measure your marketing performance, and lastly follow them too.