Why you shouldn’t snub LinkedIn for your marketing strategy?


MJ Gonzales │ExecutiveChronicles.com

Revolutionizing how people approach social networking sites, LinkedIn is unique in the sense it becomes the hub of career-oriented and enterprising individuals. This is the site where B2B (business to business) and headhunters find gems happen. With this, how will your profile stands out among others to market your brand?

LinkedId serves as a job hunting site for some users, but apparently entrepreneurs also use it to inform other companies and businessmen about their existence.  Though creating Facebook fan page is still the popular one, a company’s profile on LinkedId projects different tone.   Diana Kucer, the director of global product marketing for LinkedIn, shared on Inc that networking is an art and should do with purpose.

linkedin-1007071_960_720“This is especially true for those in revenue-generating roles, in which the physical or virtual handshake can be the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship. The connections you make are core to your business, especially online, where social selling is the primary way to get noticed,”Kurcer pointed out,

Apart from filling in all the required parts, Forward Thinking suggested that you should maximize the important parts. They shared that your elevator pitch is perfect on the “summary” field, while your sales pitch suites on the “current” position part.

Alex Pirouz (entrepreneur and founder of Linkfluencer) shared on Jeff Bullas’, an author, strategist and speaker; site that he uses LinkedId for three big reasons.  These reasons are for media exposure, lead generations, and joint venture partnerships. He added that since a lot media companies and professionals (94.2 % according to Arketi Media Group) on LinkedId, they would contact you if you’re interesting.  According to him, media people most likely to use LinkedId to get resource persons on LinkedId because they tired of using press releases and hunting key persons on the Internet.

“With over 332 million members across 110 different industries and 200 countries it’s never been easier to search, find and connect with thousands of potential clients without burning a hole in your marketing budget,” Pirouz shared about generating leads from LinkedId.