Why you should start a Small business first?

Credit: Olu Eletu/ Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

If you like to get and prove if your reasons is correct in owning a business, you’ll get plenty of empowering tips online and offline.  If it’s about the timing, the best time is really now if you up to make your dream to happen. The problem is do you really have to start a new or big enterprise if what’s you only can think as of now is a small business idea.

It’s not common, but some people think that building a business is popularity game. Though prestige is one the coolest parts of being a successful entrepreneur, but it’s not an overnight thing.  Furthermore, diving into a big venture is not all about money and prestige. It also may entail conscious effort to keep you grounded so you don’t forget simple joys you treasure. Indeed, there are silent millionaires out there who also choose smaller ventures to enjoy work-life balance than fame.

In an interview with Inc., Jon Westenberg, an entrepreneur and critic, shared that there’s nothing wrong with a small business and it doesn’t mean you’re poor. Westernberg added that it makes you enjoy simple stuff, be close to people who matter in your biz, and be in control providing quality products and service.  On top of those things, learning from the ground up is doable.

“Small means lower overheads, lower cash burn rate–and the chance to keep all profits within your own company and your own pocket,” Westenberg imparted.

Apart from what mentioned above, keeping a small business

(Credit by Pixabay)
(Credit by Pixabay)

first will also save you from more stresses if you still manage other things like day job and family matters. New big ventures require concentration, a lot of time, money and patience that if you can’t give well that’s when you lose profit and customers.  Again, the point is even you’re not big yet you try to do business now, learn, and grow.

“There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team,” a quote from 37signal founder Jason Fried.