Why You Should Add Custom Pin Badges To Your Marketing Campaign

Why You Should Add Custom Pin Badges To Your Marketing Campaign

ExecutiveChronicles | Why You Should Add Custom Pin Badges To Your Marketing Campaign | Creating brand awareness can be difficult in the digital age that we live in. With hundreds of other brands to compete with, you want to make sure your brand sticks out from the rest and has a solid place in the market. One easy way to do this is by creating custom pin badges. Here’s why you should add them to your marketing campaign. 


Pin badges are one of the most customisable options you can have when it comes to marketing. Not only are they a physical item to hand out to customers, but they also reflect you and your brand. You can choose from different types of badges, add your own unique logo and more, making your business instantly recognisable amongst a sea of competitors. 

Retro Is Back

Trends always return and right now, retro has made a comeback and pin badges fall into that category. Lots of people have taken to adding them onto denim jackets and backpacks, just like they used to a few decades ago. Some people also like to collect them, so this is a nifty way of reaching new customers. Pin badges are a fun way of staying on top of the latest trends and are a novelty for new and existing customers. 

Get Your Brand Out There

If you want to get your name out into the physical world as well as digital, pin badges are the way to go. You can provide them with orders customers make or even hand them out at events. Pin badges are easy to distribute to the public and people will be more open to taking a cool pin badge than a small card with your details on. No matter your approach, distributing pin badges with your unique branding on is a sure-fire way to help your business gain traction. 

Durability And Visibility

A lot of businesses rely on business cards, which do serve their purpose well. But card is a lot less durable and can easily become damaged. Pin badges can withstand harsher conditions than even the most expensive business card, meaning it won’t accidentally get torn or ruined if it gets damp. Generally, people are less likely to dispose of something if it’s not broken, so your pin badge will stay with them a lot longer than any business card. This cuts costs in the long term, as you won’t need to keep replacing the cards that people have lost or damaged. 

With a pin badge, your business is always on display too. A business card may be put into a pocket or wallet and forgotten about, but a pin badge is visible to everyone just by a customer walking down the street. This amount of exposure will help you generate a buzz for sure! 

Pin badges are an effective tool when it comes to brand awareness and if you’re looking to develop your business, they’re definitely worth adding to your marketing campaign.