Why You Need To Do Sideline Business First?


MJ Gonzales│ Executive Chronicles

Building an enterprise is such as a huge commitment. It’s like parenting a child that you need to patiently love and mold to make it grow stronger.  Knowing that, it also possible that your patience and care can transform into frustration and trauma.  The reason may not because of capital, but how mentally and emotionally prepared you are to engage in a life-changing endeavor. Thus, better to just do sideline business first while working.

We all have dreams and we have theories how to achieve them.  Those theories are possibly based on what we learn from school, magazines, and ideas from other people. In connection to this, most wannabe and impulsive entrepreneur tend to build their own company based on they perceive right or according to steps they set. Sometimes entrepreneurship is also like relationship of a new couple. Arguably, two lovers will only know inside and out of each other if they live under the same roof.  Thus, astute for wannabe entrepreneurs to test the water before they jump in startups bandwagon.

rsz_new_year_resoluton_by_stocksnapioThough not as enormous or as challenging compare to full time entrepreneurship, doing sideline business can verify and solidify your initial assumptions. On the other hand, it may help you to realize what type you are good to do or doing business itself is meant for you.   Remember also that sideline business is your personal training to learn. It good since the lessons you’re getting are based on true to life experience, not mere theories or ideas.

Another angle in sideline business is it let you realize your values and your priorities without risking all you have. Perhaps you’re end goal is still to do business. You need to redefine you ways to do it according to desired lifestyle or work-life balance.

On the other note, sideline can cover your current obligations, instead of letting you to risk more money.  What the usual mistake in wannabe entrepreneurs is that they’re doing business when they have no emergency fund, enough money for personal expenses, and business capital. This mistake may lead to major financial disaster.

Sideline business can be big or small that provide you little and limited profit, but doing it first before your hitting your ultimate dream is worthy.