Why You Need to Do Mobile Marketing Now?

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Who said small ones cannot emerge into giants someday?  Perhaps this is one of the ideas running in veteran marketers and advertisers’ minds who witness the evolution of marketing around the globe.  It is because for quite sometimes the use of mobile phones for advertising has been always last in the list. But now with the invention of smartphones , phablets, and tablets  – mobile marketing will be never the last and the least.

Compare to other devices, mobile phones are can be affordable, portable and closer gizmo to people nowadays. In fact it has become an essential in daily living that people can leave homes without it. There even times that some tend to sacrifice their hunger and convenience just to have prepaid load for their cellphones.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

According to the book entitled Go Mobile by Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner, they cite from Source: 60SecondMarketer.com’s discovery that out of 6.8 billion people in the planet-there about 4 Billion of them are using mobile phone. It also mentioned in the book that between mobile phones and personal computers, the former have five times higher in terms numbers.  With these two details out of 50 other interesting facts Hopkins and Turner cited, it is lucrative and ideal to run promotions on mobile phones. Though these days, a business may also send out a bulk text message as part of a promotion. This is also worth considering.

Even in way back 2013, Internet and Mobile Association Marketing of the Philippines (IMMAP) reported how Filipinos resorted to their handy phones to check information and create decision.  They cited also Ipsos MediaCT’s study that 88% of Filipino mobile users check products and services on their phones.  Meantime out of various topics, travel and restaurants or bars emerged the most searched ones with 53% and 49% respectively.

“With this very high potential, businesses can look at how to creatively incorporate mobile into their marketing strategies. Making business information searchable can be a start to building online visibility. Customer engagement should follow,” former Google Philippines Country Manager Narciso Reyes shared, via immap.com.ph.

Meanwhile, QStream CEO and Co-founder Duncan Lennox shared with Forbes   that mobile advertising has significant factors for sales people. The innovative honcho even imparted Aberdeen Research’s revelation, which said sales works that involved mobile marketing produce reliable sales report, increased revenues, and keep better numbers of customers.

Author: MJ Gonzales │ Executive Chronicles.com