Why Travel is Fun, Important for Yuppies and Executives?

(Credit: Stocksnap.io)

MJ Gonzales │ ExecutiveChronicles.com

Travel entails money, time, and effort so it’s one of the least things that most busy career-oriented men and women do.   However, there are also some workaholic executives, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary employees who see to it that they travel at least once a year? Does it mean they don’t save money, value work time or have a lot of energy?

Though it is true that travel munches a big chunk of the money, there are 101 reasons that would make this is a priceless endeavor.  In the report of Huffington Post, tourists believe that they become confident, happier, friendlier, educated, and interesting when they go to different places. These are besides from the idea that travel can make workers enjoy exercise, new experiences, and life away from Internet or social media.

(Credit: Stocksnap.io)
(Credit: Stocksnap.io)

“I feel happy when I’m gaining new experiences and insights, and challenging my boundaries. Travel is the perfect catalyst for happiness, as it has allowed me to experience the natural, cultural and man-made wonders of the world. Being in foreign lands, it also continuously forces me to step out of my comfort zone – a great confidence-builder. In my book, travel is the best school there is: I’ve learned so much about the world and, most importantly, about myself,” Velvet Escape founder and traveler Keith Jenkins shared in an interview with Huffington Post.

Meantime, travel also helps leaders and businessmen according to Forbes. The site shared that it can boost executives’ communication skills, ability to adapt, networking prowess, managing time, and leadership skills because of language barriers and cultural differences.  As for those wondering how they’re going to do business while sipping fruit juice in Hawaii or taking photos behind Mount Fuji, the business site  informed that there’s a discipline that is “location independent’ and called ‘travel entrepreneur.’

“The keys to running a successful business as a traveling entrepreneur are to structure your time well and hire the right people. You’ll need employees who are location-dependent, and need to dedicate some amount of time to visiting the site. However, if you have the right structure in place and enough trust to work remotely, you can use technology to stay on top of your enterprise,” Forbes shared.

Meanwhile, for those wanting to cut down their travel expenses there a lot means to do it.  For example is to buy tickets few months before your preferred date or availing travel deals on reputable sites. You can also build travel funds so your usual budget will not be affected by your escapades.