Why Should Law Firms Use Call Services for Mass Tort Intakes?

Why Should Law Firms Use Call Services for Mass Tort Intakes?
Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hand-shake-of-two-men-7875996/

ExecutiveChronicles | Why Should Law Firms Use Call Services for Mass Tort Intakes? | Mass tort lawsuits are complicated and highly resource-intensive cases that require a lot of legal expertise. These lawsuits involve multiple plaintiffs seeking legal action against a common entity. Such as a private or public corporation whose actions have led to widespread public harm. These lawsuits prove quite challenging even for large-scale firms that have adequate resources. The involvement of a large volume of clients means that the quality of care provided to each client could be compromised if the law firm is not well-equipped to oversee the client and caseload. In such cases, law firms can hire the services of call centers that can perform these tasks on their behalf. Call centers provide customized services to law firms looking to outsource client communication and can perform client intake and follow-up efficiently. Here are some of the top reasons why law firms should consider hiring call services to maximize their efficiency in these cases.

Conserving Resources

Law firms are not built to oversee a huge influx of clients. In the event of a mass tort case, they would need to hire new professionals and train staff. In addition to purchasing the equipment and office space that would be required for dedicated call service. By hiring a call center to manage client communication, law firms can save valuable resources. Those resources include time, money, and labor. Which can be utilized in other aspects of the case, improving their chances of success in litigation. The more a law firm can save, the better it is for the business. Mass tort intake and screening can be done by the call center agents at Legal Conversion Center, taking the stress away from the law firm.

Converting Leads

Call centers can not only generate leads for law firms through effective client outreach. But they can also ensure that each lead is appropriately followed up, increasing the firm’s lead conversion rates. Law firms can assign scripts for calls and pre-approved questionnaires to send to potential clients that might enable them to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. The streamlined intake process screens clients efficiently and allows law firms to convert more leads into paying clients. All these details are kept in order, thanks to the call center. They will make sure that everything is in order and make clients feel safe within this law firm.

Detailed Analytics

When law firms hire third-party services, there can be concerns regarding the continuity of client care and the quality of communication services provided by the firm. Call centers can generate detailed analytics and performance reports that allow law firms to assess the efficiency of the client outreach process. From there, they can determine whether the targeted outcomes are being adequately achieved. These analytics allow law firms to fine-tune their services provided via call centers and work on areas that need improvement to improve the efficacy of client communication. This will help the law firm understand what goes on behind the scenes of the business. Which will help them find new ways to expand and better their law firm.

24/7 Availability

When it comes to litigations, each client matters. Although it might not be possible for the communication department of a law firm to perform the job on their own due to limited office hours, third-party call services remove the barrier of time by providing 24/7 services to clients seeking information and legal representation. This way, a law firm can ensure that no potential lead would inadvertently be missed, and all clients would be tended to with the same level of care and professionalism. It’s hard to keep up with every phone call. Hiring a call center takes that stress away from your law firm. All you’ll need to do is to handle the details that are given to you by the call center. Making your job easy and manageable. 


Call services can be invaluable tools for law firms that want to improve their chances of success in litigation. They are available throughout the day, provide professional customer support, and help law firms save valuable resources that can be utilized in litigation. They also research to improve the outcome of the case. These details are important to keep up with but can be overwhelming for a law firm. Call centers are available to take that stress away and make the workflow manageable. Your clients will notice the difference and trust you even more.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hand-shake-of-two-men-7875996/