Why setting your own deadline is very important?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Goal setting doesn’t only entails what do you like to achieve and why you have to strive hard to reach your dreams. It should also involve definite time-frame, which will serve as your motivation to work hard or give you a sign to let go of your ambitions.  How setting your own deadline for your work or life goals will make a difference?

You can protect your prioritiesSaying no to distractions, whether they’re living or non-living things, produces positive effects in your career. It will boost your productivity, which will help you to fast track your progress  or reach your ultimate goals. However, it’s difficult to protect your priorities, if you always think that you have the luxury of time to do what you want.  If you set your own deadline for your tasks, you can enjoy other things at the right time and without guilt.

You’ll have good reputation and positive outlook.  Stress and burn out are not only because of the external factors. It also due to internal forces like if you always procrastinate, then you also find yourself stressed in doing overtime and exhausted about your job. Furthermore, if you can’t  consistently produce good output for someone else’s deadline then you also give bad impression and exude so-so reputation.

It’s different if you set specific target time. You can come up with well-thought plans in how to achieve your goals and enjoy your journey, while making quality works.

Manage the other important things you need to do.  Your job doesn’t define you? You also have family to take care and hobbies to enjoy.  Though it’s easy to say that it’s all about time management, you will not have it if first and foremost you don’t have deadlines to follow. Free up more time, by finishing on or ahead of schedule.

Credit: stocksnap.io
Credit: stocksnap.io

Beating your own deadline is your ticket for your progress. If you want to retire from work to start your dream business that’s going to be impossible if you’re not doing well with your current situation.  Long-term goals comprise of many short-term goals so if you’re missing your own deadlines, either you don’t have progress or  totally lost.

Remember that your happiness and success is a choice. No one can help you to achieve, other than yourself so you should strive hard and maximize your time.