Why oversharing is bad for your career?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Often, information overload beat people to the extent they don’t even want to speak more. That’s not the case for blabber or co-workers who seem overwhelm of their personal details that they tend to over share. They just simply so excited and unstoppable that everything about them are hot topics.   If you are not guilty, here are the reasons why you should continue keeping most of your stories as mysteries:

To forget personal drama at work.   House dramas are house dramas and those stuff should stay that way if the person want to break-free from the stress.  In the personal level, oversharing makes someone feel awkward to hear bedroom romance, cat fight with two neighbors over trash can or the hardship of diaper changing. Whether the art of photocopying is not that interesting, it’s still what matters at the work place.

To earn trust of your colleagues. It’s not that over sharers are gossipers, they just scare their office mates to confide to them. If they can’t keep their own secrets, what more about the others’ confidential information?

To stay away from conflicts.  Not all are great listeners, some are illogical and too sensitive to accept that opinions are just opinions of a person. Some take sentiments personally and feel hurt and anger.  What if an over sharer is also tactless and sarcastic? Isn’t hard to think he or she’s fabricating stories to give half-meant messages?

To become productive.  Commitment is important to finish your goals and the best way to have it is full concentration on your job till you finish all your tasks. Persons who are engrossed in sharing information don’t mind the value of their office time and people they are talking with.

To maintain your professional image.   It takes time before you express and prove your sense of professionalism. Most of the time, it only takes one wrong move to tear down what you build. What over sharers don’t realize is what words come out from their mouths may use against them. It’s not only the words what matter here, but also the act and their intention.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Sharing is not bad in general, but employees should do it in moderation and with caution. There others serious risks in divulging information including endangering one’s job and earning a lawsuit.