Why narrative ad content is still powerful?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Because busy people don’t stay longer and young ones have limited attention span, the usual focus of marketers is to come with up with catchy and shorter campaign materials.  It’s logical to do, but maybe become quite ordinary. Why? Because consumers are also get accustomed to see slogans and taglines every day. Thus, don’t just turn heads, but let be unforgettable too by providing narrative ad contents that are relevant for them.

Consumers become so critical these days that in just few seconds they can tell what’s corny, cheesy, and hard sell.  In fairness to corny and cheesy, they still sound pertinent to convince doubting minds.  People have diverse initial impressions according to what they feel. However if your content stay in their minds, your ad is like what the “last song syndrome” do- irresistible.

Where we find sample of narrative ad?  Everywhere!  A good marketing narrative ad sample is no other than blog posts on search engine optimized sites.  We can read vast of posts almost every minute, but those we click say something about how we can relate and learn. If the headline catch attention, the body should give a message with the mission to leave impact. If it has impact, then it’s believable and has high rate of conversion.   So what are the usual posts that are appealing? Usually, those with emotions based on experience, aha moments, and realizations in life.

Credit: stocksnap.io
Credit: stocksnap.io

How to figure out materials for your narrative marketing? Consumers evolve because they’re environment and lifestyle also change.  For example, we can’t expect booming business for those that sell music players for cassette tapes and long discs nowadays.  The reason is simple because majority of consumers already switched to digital music products and players. They want to listen anytime and anywhere using portable gadgets.

With the narrative style of marketing, the good steps are basic. One of those is define exactly who your target audience are so you know the stories they can relate to.