Why Mondelez Philippines is a Millennial-friendly Workplace

Why Mondelez Philippines is a Millennial-friendly Workplace

Why Mondelez Philippines is a Millennial-friendly Workplace | Millennials or Generation Y are those who are born from the year 1980 up to 1994.  Millennials have brought more racial and ethnic diversity in our society. Like for instance, are more likely to participate in the nation’s workforce in comparison to prior generations. Generation Y find opportunities and making choices on their own without leaning on their parents nor friends. They are generally confident, achievement-oriented, enjoy working in teams. They seek perfect work-life balance, as they give importance to their personal life as well. This generation is technologically-skilled and enjoys being tech-savvy. Now is the high time for organizations to understand the millennials’ expectations on their work environment and be the best place to work for.Why Mondelez Philippines is a Millennial-friendly Workplace

Managing Generation Y is one of the challenges most organizations are facing today. Millennials have a tendency to have higher expectations in terms of paycheck and challenges in their tasks. Millennials love to work for an organization that allows flexibility in their jobs along with a friendly company culture, which is their key consideration in accepting a job. But the overall experience they get in terms of the work environment, creativity, and morale makes them stay and more productive.

This generation expects honest and open communication between them and their employer. The employer of choice in the Philippines for millennials should also provide regular performance feedback, mentoring from seniors, faster career growth, and a learning environment as they tend to move out should they don’t find an opportunity to move up in the ladder on their organization. The best place to work for consideration by this group of professionals should also seek mobility opportunities with enthusiasm and eagerness, international exposures help them to learn new skills to progress in their professions.

They give out ideas way better than any other generation

Another fascinating reality is that most of the millennials have a lot of provoking ideas that they want to test out. If they find the jobs less interesting, they would try out to start their own company to test and implement their formulated ideas and create a place where millennials love to work for. Generation Y are consumers of a work environment as they tend to shop jobs that best align their life and career growth. This is something that most employers should give attention to brand themselves so that millennials will choose them over their competition and be among the employer of choice in the Philippines.

Mondelez Philippines is one of those organizations that kept its door open for opportunities in the midst of the pandemic and is considered as a company where millennials’ best place to work for.  They understand that starting a profession can be an overwhelming undertaking—experiencing pursuits of employment, meetings, and feeling on edge right from the start of work. For a large number of us, this can be very overpowering, what more during a pandemic?

With parts of the country that has positioned under isolation, well-informed organizations and associations like Mondelez Philippines have effectively changed to a work-from-home (WFH) arrangement and have held a feeling of progression which included them among the list of employer of choice in the Philippines. This applies also to its internal academe. Indeed, even in the midst of the pandemic, the association keeps on recruiting individuals for basic jobs, having as of late invited onboard eleven new workers who are essential for the Company’s EDGE Stars.

New graduates Carrell Calderon, Gia Supetran, and Celine Co are beginning their professions in the most surprising condition. Having as of late been acknowledged for Mondelez Philippines’ EDGE Stars program, the threesome were consumed into the organization during the lockdown. The EDGE Stars are graduate students who have the secret sauce, the correct administration capabilities, and learning dexterity. This is the thirteenth cluster of Mondelez Philippines’ alumni students, having begun their spearheading authority advancement program in 2009. It has since invited 166 new alumni for as long as 11 years and its graduated class presently contain the administrators and heads of the Company.

Calderon is a Management Engineering move on from Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU). He was amidst work chasing when the infection struck. “The health crisis has unquestionably acquainted such a great amount of vulnerability with my future given this is a once in a blue moon occasion. Most organizations have started to freeze employment since the beginning of the pandemic, and it struck me since I felt like every one of my endeavors into work chasing would be to no end.”

Resolved to look for some kind of employment, he invested his energy in perceiving his future and taking up online courses to join an organization where millennials love to work for. According to him, it was a great deal of searching before applying to any company and Mondelez Philippines was a victor. He has heard many positive feedbacks about the organization’s way of life and its long-standing alumni program.”

Confronted with the chance of working with worldwide brands, for example, OREO and Cadbury Dairy Milk, joining Mondelez Philippines was an easy decision for Calderon. Notwithstanding, his first-day hands-on went somewhat better – positively.

Mondelez Philippines is among the millennials’ best places to work for the reason that offers numerous chances to “Make It” inside the Company. One of the features of being important for the snacks creator is the chance to “Make it with Pride” by working with dearest marks that individuals have grown up with. Furthermore, more significantly, become part of building their future.

The organization assembles network associations as it looks for pearls in the pool of incredible gifts over the Philippines. It’s firmly dedicated to creating future pioneers from its initial vocations program. Simultaneously, the Company plans to add to the Philippines economy even while on lockdown by offering extraordinary items and brands for purchasers to appreciate at home, easing joblessness, and give energizing professional chances to its kin.

Gia Supetran is an Industrial Management Engineering move on from De La Salle University (DLSU) and was convinced that Mondelez Philippines is the best place to work for. She had recently joined the organization’s iTaste: Lean Six Sigma rivalry during her senior year. At the point when the infection struck, she had recently finished her time in school. Along with these queues, the undertaking of getting a new line of work in the wake of graduating has been my main concern. Realizing that there is an issue of joblessness on the planet at this moment, I felt the opposition to find a vocation was all the more testing,” Supetran reviewed.

Luckily, her experience during the iTaste rivalry familiar her with the organization, and she was employed as one of the two EDGE Stars for Mondelez Philippines’ Supply Chain work. According to Gia, the virtual onboarding practice is a gift that regardless of the quarantine, Mondelez Philippines has figured out how to make ways and open doors for individuals like her to be part of the organization.

In the interim, Celine Co is an Industrial Engineering move on from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP). Straight from finishing her examinations, she was pushed into a universe of vulnerability because of the pandemic.

Fortunately for Co to decided and work out to set aside her negative feelings and discover an extraordinary opportunity at Mondelez. According to her, she applied to the organization, explicitly the EDGE Stars Program since it gave the chance to new alumni like her to assemble their capacities to become future pioneers. The determination cycle for the program wasn’t simple; they had to go through numerous meetings and contextual analysis, however, she was exceptionally honored to have been chosen for this program.

Like her peers, Co’s expert profession so far has been generally led on the web. She depicts her virtual experience as fun and shrewd. “Espresso talks with senior pioneers and past alumni learners were some the gatherings I discovered valuable from the onboarding cycle since I had the option to hear their accounts and assemble incredible counsel from them. The onboarding experience was exceptional on the grounds that we as a whole had it practically. It was a novel encounter since we needed to gain proficiency with the way of life, individuals, and methods of working of the Company through our screens.”

Anxious to make a positive commitment, she is thankful for the chance to work with an organization that mirrors her own qualities by resolving to give a valiant effort in all that she does to reach and carry delight to Filipino families at whatever point they nibble, in any event, during the pandemic.

With Mondelez’s positive company culture and its aim to make its employees even better with their chosen craft. Diversity and flexibility are clear factors in attracting and retaining millennial talent. This generation of professionals regards the potential for career progression as a top priority when choosing a job. It is no doubt that Mondelez Philippines is an organization that is considered as Millenials’ best place to work for.

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