Why Is Tenant Representation Important?

Why Is Tenant Representation Important

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Why Is Tenant Representation Important? | Finding the right office space for you and your employees can be very difficult. You have to read over contracts, know about leasing terms, and be well informed on leasing laws.

Luckily with tenant representation, these concerns can be put in the hands of a professional. So if you would like to know more about tenant representation and project management, then keep reading!

#1 Find Hidden-Market Office Spaces

One of the best benefits of tenant representation is that they can get an office building from a hidden market. This means they have the ability and expertise to find spaces that are not as readily available to the everyday person.

The best part is that off-market shared office spaces are often less expensive per square footage. Therefore, you can save big by hiring a tenant representative.

#2 Negotiate Leasing Terms

When looking for an office building to lease, you’re likely to come across many different leasing options. For example, some project management may offer 6 months up to yearly leasing terms. More importantly, these leasing terms all have different rates.

And most individuals who are left without representation will agree to any term without negotiating first. Luckily, a tenant representation can negotiate terms, rates, and leasing periods.

This way, you’ll get the best leasing term possible!

#3 Secure Your Office Building Faster

When you use tenant reps, you can secure an office space a lot faster. This is because a tenant rep will secure multiple listings before they are sold.

Oftentimes, you’ll be one of the first to see a new space. This means you can weigh out your options promptly.

So if you’re in a time crunch, https://www.thegenaugroup.com/ can help.

#4 Reduce the Risk of a Scam

When searching for shared office space, without representation, you aren’t fully aware of the leasing transactions. Some of these contracts could have hidden traps that you may not be able to spot.

However, a tenant rep can manage your leasing contracts to enhance your financial safety. Not to mention, they thoroughly check the credibility of a leasing office before making a final deal!

#5 Tenant Representation Works for You

Another error that people make when looking for offices spaces is that they hire a real estate agent. However, these entities work directly with the leasing office. Therefore, their job is to make the best deal possible for the building manager!

This means you’ll pay more in fines, rent, and other fees. However, a tenant rep is an independent third party that works for you so you’ll always get the best deal.

#6 Find Your Dream Space Today

Finding a great office space is very joyous and liberating. But the best way to do so is by getting tenant representation. This way, you can be sure that your final decision is the best option possible!

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