Why Are Premixed Cocktails Enjoying Sky High Popularity?

Why Are Premixed Cocktails Enjoying Sky High Popularity?

Why Are Premixed Cocktails Enjoying Sky High Popularity? | Love to sip a cocktail but don’t feel up to the task of stocking your bar and mixing drinks? You aren’t an exception, as many people today are yearning for something premixed and bottled without needing them to create the concoction. Premixed cocktails have become the talk of the town, and increasingly people are enjoying these delicious drinks without spending their time making them. 

In many bars and pubs, if you ask the bartender for a bottle of gin, they will not reach for its bottle. Instead, they will open a freezer drawer to find a range of variations on the cocktail that are premixed and kept in rounded bottles. The work of the bartender is to only pour it in a glass for you. 

Why Premix Cocktails?

Bartenders mix cocktails in advance so they can control the number of ingredients precisely. They can even figure out the quantity of ice that will be melting into the drink. Not only this, mixing beforehand allows the bartender to explore the texture of the drink. 

They also allow servers to spend some time talking with their guests and finding out if they are having a great time. Some people may miss the old way of bartender mixing and shaking their drink. But overall, a majority wants their beverages to arrive quickly to them. The technique of mixing in advance enables bartenders to churn out a great product and fulfil the demands of their customers. 

The demand for these ready to drink beverages is growing rapidly. In many hotel chains, you can see vibrant bottles being displayed on the bars. They have become the hottest category of alcoholic beverages.

What’s Unique About Ready to Drink Cocktails?

These drinks are more consistent. It allows bartenders or makers to measure ingredients with utmost precision, including the amount of water. Another unique advantage of premixed beverages is that you can store them in the freezer. It is especially true of martinis. People mostly want their martinis to be cold. It is a complaint that bar owners often get from their customers. Well, by keeping it in the freezer, you can resolve this issue once and for all. When you pour it directly from the freezer, not only do you get a perfectly chilled martini, but it also has a delightful viscosity to it.

As for those who still miss watching the action of the drink being prepared, the end result that premixed beverages offer them is far more superior. Moreover, these drinks are presented exquisitely. For example, you will find your martini arriving with a massive quantity of garnishes like fat caperberries, slender ribbons of lemon peel, and fresh herbs. 

Perfect for Those with Busy Lifestyle

Ready to drink or premixed cocktails caters perfectly to those who lead a busy lifestyle. They dislike the chore of buying ingredients and making cocktails, especially when they are with a group of friends. The fact that ready to drink cocktails do not need to be prepared is what is enhancing its popularity daily. 

Thus, these kinds of cocktails are ideal solutions that require only three steps: chill, open, and pour. That is why they are becoming a hit in the biggest of venues to the smallest of restaurants. 


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