Which Occupations Had The Most Work Related Injuries In The USA

Which Occupations Had The Most Work Related Injuries Injury at Work Injured at Work

Executive ChroniclesWhich Occupations Had The Most Work Related Injuries In The USA? | When someone gets injured at work, it can lead to more issues for both the injured worker and the company. Some injuries at work lead to claims and court cases while others can simply lead to the worker having their life impacted as a result. It is possible to get injured in any role but there are some occupations that typically experience more injuries than others.

Below, we’ll look at some of the occupations in the USA that had the most work-related injuries according to 2019 statistics.

Health Care

As you might expect, those working on the front lines with sick patients can easily catch illnesses from them. There are also some additional risks when it comes to getting injured on the job. Within the health care and social assistance occupation in 2019, there were 544,800 workplace injuries in the last year alone. To avoid this, health care workers need to keep their distance from those who are ill as much as possible but this is often unavailable, of course.


Did you know that there were 195,600 workplace injuries in the construction industry last year? Construction sites are very dangerous and without the right risk assessments, workers can be easily injured. There are ways to protect construction workers such as by completing a fall protection equipment inspection or additional safety training. Follow this OSHA checklist if you are in this industry and want to reduce the risks on site. 


In the same way that construction workers face injuries as a result of heavy machinery, manufacturing workers can face the same problems. In the manufacturing industry last year, there were 395,300 workplace injuries which really is a large amount. Luckily, manufacturing companies are introducing new tech to reduce the risk of injuries in the factory.

Accommodation and Food Services

Have you ever burnt yourself in the kitchen? Kitchen burns and injuries are extremely common and so as you can expect, the accommodation and food services industry made our list. In the USA last year, there were 271,000 workplace injuries and 7,600 workplace illnesses. Unfortunately, these injuries are difficult to avoid due to the fast-paced nature of this industry. 

Transportation and Warehousing

The final occupation to make our list is transportation and warehousing. Last year, in the USA, there were 213,000 workplace injuries in this field alone. This is likely due to accidents on the road and the movement of heavy boxes in warehouses. To avoid this, transportation companies must allow for additional driver training to protect them on the roads.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many industries that encounter a long list of workplace injuries over the course of the year. Employees in all of these industries should stay as safe as they can when on the job and use any safety equipment that they have been provided with. Employers should also look for ways to make the working day safer for their staff.