Where to get good career advice?

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MJ Gonzales │ Executive Chronicles

The journey to successful career is not always or will not always be smooth sailing. Especially in your younger years, you need to face a rocky road due to diverse priorities and challenges.  Good thing, somewhere along your career path, there’s someone or people who awaken your senses with their meaningful words. Can you remember their tips or are you still looking for a motivational career advice?

Sometimes in your quest to become better, you look for your own role models for inspiration. They can be anyone like old professors, former boss, well-known motivational speakers, and famous personalities.  Perhaps you look up to them not only because they walk the talk, but because they give sincere messages that become the best career advice you’ve ever received.

High profile individuals such as Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, Yahoo president and CEO Marissa Mayer, and Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates are also keen on giving and gathering tips as their guides. In an interview with CNBC, Gates expressed his admiration on how Buffet’s simplify complicated things.

“And [if] it gets less complicated, he feels like then it’s something he’ll choose to invest in. He picks the things that he’s got a model of, a model that really is predictive and that’s going to continue to work over a long-term period. And so his ability to boil things down, to just work on the things that really count, to think through the basics — it’s so amazing that he can do that. It’s a special form of genius,” Gates shared.

Credit: Stocksnap.io
Credit: Stocksnap.io

On the other hand, there are career advice that don’t necessarily came from outsiders. Even a family member or colleagues’ words wisdom can give life-changing ideas at unconventional places or situations.

“I was about to venture out of my comfort zone. I was offered a position as training officer in the company I worked for. I felt daunted by the offer. I doubted whether I could do this as I was not a good communicator and did not feel comfortable speaking with strangers. My husband’s advice to me was, ‘Just be your nutty self.’ I took him literally, and my confidence grew with each training session,” Rosita Weller, a training and personal development manager in Corwen, Denbighshire, United Kingdom shared on a LinkedIn group forum’s  started by Sonia Gray of Net@Work. The said forum asked “Finish this sentence: The best advice I ever received was…”

Most of the time, the lessons we need in our lives are not limited in the four corners of training rooms.  They can be from anyone and anywhere like from casual, but sensible conversations or exchanges of ideas.