Where The World’s Top CXOs Share Knowledge on The Future of Customer Experience

Where The World’s Top CXOs Share Knowledge on The Future of Customer Experience 2020 - Executive Chronicles
Andrei Navarro, CEO & CTO at Booky (left), Maria Ressa, CEO at Rappler (middle) and Tom Blackman, Director of Sales at Zendesk (right)

Executive Chronicles| Where The World’s Top CXOs Share Knowledge on The Future of Customer Experience |Over the years, companies such as The Ortus Club have been hosting knowledge-sharing discussions dedicated specifically to customer experience executives of prominent firms all over the world. These roundtables enable CX leaders to come together and share their experiences, ideas, and predictions on the ever changing global customer behaviour. Each event is possible thanks to the support of companies, such as Zendesk, 247.ai, Automation Anywhere, Ada Support and Snowflake, who have been keen drivers of these discussions.

These intimate, invite-only discussions make the most out of the wealth of experience of the attendees by encouraging participants to challenge each other to discuss specific (and at times “taboo”) areas of discussion. Can machine learning and data help develop better trust and communication with customers? What should be the main customer experience priority of a company? Will the recent pandemic have long-lasting impacts on the future of CX?

The CX Dinner in Manila hosted at Manila House

CXOs and other c-level executives from companies such as Uber, Unilever, Airbnb, Verizon, Mastercard, Dell, Microsoft, Vodafone, eBay, Sanofi, Grab, P&G, Alibaba, and other enterprises are frequently brought together in main business cities all over the world including London, Singapore, Melbourne, New York City, Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Sydney, Toronto, Mumbai, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Delhi to mention a few.

The CX Dinner in Adelaide hosted at The Playford Hotel 

From left to right: Fiona Krawczyk, Head of Marketing at Haigh’s Chocolates, Geoff Titus, GM of Brand, Marketing & Sales at ZEN Energy, Brigitte Tiss, Head of Change and Transformation at ACH Group, Daniel Mckinlay, Senior CX Specialist at Zendesk, Jaimee Charlton, Head of CX at Spendless Shoes, Simone Gibbs, Director of Marketing at TAFE SA, and Adam Koch, COO at Discovery Parks Group

But if CX leaders could ask one question to their peers, what would it be? Below are a few of the questions that came up.

  • On the e-commerce side, what are the most essential features to support live assistance and bot enhancements?
  • How often do you check a bot’s health and decide on changing a bot’s directions?
  • What caveats and tradeoffs are you making today that you did not anticipate when starting your digital transformation journey?
  • Have you ever launched an AI tool or chatbot that did not go well? What were the pitfalls? How could you have been better prepared?
  • Have you been able to improve CX to a level that it helps regain the revenue lost due to Covid-19?
  • If you could avoid doing one thing to win the CX game, what would it be?
  • In this “New Normal”, what are the steps that you have taken as a brand to ensure trustworthiness of your brand?
  • What is the greatest lesson you learnt from the recent global lockdown?
  • In this new world of social distancing, how do you build relationships with your customers? How effective is virtual touch?
  • What will the future of customer experience really look like?

The CX Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable hosted in India

To stay ahead in the increasingly competitive business world building a solid customer experience is critical. Thanks to these types of roundtables, CX leaders from all over the world can come together to discuss the trends driving customer experience improvement initiatives as well as sharing some of the frustrations they are facing. The real challenge for marketers of today is profitably delivering a personalised experience that reaches up to customer’s high expectations.