What You Should Know Before You Rent That Business Storage Space

What You Should Know Before You Rent That Business Storage Space

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What You Should Know Before You Rent That Business Storage Space | When you have a thriving business, one of the provisions you make to ensure sustainable growth is a business storage space. This is because you cannot predict when your store would be overstocked thereby prompting the need for an additional space.

The benefits of having a business warehouse cannot be over emphasized as they play a major role for business owners. Getting a good business storage space would require some background checks to confirm that it can serve its purpose in your business. This can be dependent on the type of business your company runs.

Are you about renting that space? Just hold on. Check out the factors below to be sure that you are on track.

Factors to Consider Before Renting a Business Storage Space

The following considerations are important before renting a business storage space:

Why Do I Need a Storage Space in My Business?

This is practically one of the first questions to answer if you are confused about renting a storage space for your business. Do you see it as a just one of those things or a necessity? One sign that shows you need a storage space is your workspace becoming too cluttered and tight. It isn’t really a bad thing, it’s a positive sign that your company is growing. 

You may be at crossroads about having to choose whether to relocate to a bigger office or rent a warehouse but we advise that the second option will be more productive. You may need to keep relocating your office if you go with the first option, but the second enables you to increase only the storage space. 

You can check out this video to see the benefits of setting up a business warehouse.

What Space Size Should I Rent for My Business?

The answer to this question is dependent on the type of business you operate as it influences the type of warehouse to rent. If you run a construction business, you may need a space that has a driveway. You can follow the steps below to determine the volume of space you need to rent:

  1. Make a list of assets and items you need to store so you don’t miss out on anything important. Are you going to store machines or wearable? Some items can actually be stacked together while some can be contained in boxes, either of this can reduce the bulkiness. 
  2. Consider the weights and sizes of items to be stored. Doing this will enable you know the size of space to rent.
  3. Be clear on your expectations towards your company’s expansion. Will there be need to purchase more equipment or items on a later basis? Then you must be able to plan for that.
  4. Consider the facilities in the warehouse. Does it have active facilities like electricity, and security. Would you also need to do some repairs before you can start using it?
  5. Find out if there is need for a climate control mechanism. If you would need to store up clothing, you would need an environment that will avoid deterioration of the items.

How Long Do I Need the Storage Space?

To answer this question, you may need to check if:

  1. You are currently relocating your office and need a temporary space to pack stuff
  2. Your workspace is becoming too small
  3. Your company or business is expanding at a very fast rate.

Storage spaces can be renewed with time but you should be able to decide how long you desire to rent one.

Where Should I Rent a Storage Space for My Business?

Finding a suitable place for a warehouse could really be tasking as you may need to consider the location, rent, transportation and some other factors. You must bear in mind that the location of a warehouse also has an effect on the cost. 

You also need to find out if it is easily accessible or if you will need to travel miles just to retrieve an item.

These are some of the considerations we feel you need to consider before renting a storage space. If you need information on how storage can help expand your business, you can check here: https://www.ceotodaymagazine.com/2019/10/heres-how-storage-can-help-expand-your-business/.


Business owners believe they can always have space created in their workspace for storing their important assets, and this is true. However, the real truth is that one may not be able to control the rate at which a business grows, thus there is need to plan for an unforeseen contingency of running out of space. Therefore, you have to find out everything about the warehouse you intend to rent so as not to make the wrong choice.