What You Should Do After Graduating Law School

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What You Should Do After Graduating Law School | There are a ton of recent law school graduates out there right now. In fact, there were over 25,000 people who graduated law school in 2020 alone. But, what do you do once your studies are complete?

Are you trying to forge your path after law school? Read on to learn more.

Take the Bar Exam

If you plan to actually practice law, you’ll have to take the bar exam. This is one of the toughest qualifying exams out there, but it’s necessary for being a practicing lawyer. The bar exam may have a higher or lower pass rate depending on what state you’re in, but no matter what you’ll have to dedicate a large amount of your time studying for it.

It can be a grueling experience, so do your research and find out what the most successful ways to study for the bar exam are.

Go for More Schooling

Depending on what you plan to do, you may have to get more education after you successfully complete law school. Some schools offer specific post-JD degrees.

You can also apply to a specific next degree if you have something in mind, such as an MBA or a medical degree.

Start Your Own Firm

You may just want to strike out on your own with your own firm. That’s a completely valid choice! But, you’ll probably want to have a more senior lawyer on hand working with you, to give you some credibility and help you out in areas you might now have experience with yet.

Of course, you’ll have to be careful to successfully get your new firm’s name out there. Take a look at your lawyer marketing options to get as much business as you possibly can.

Pivot, Pivot, Pivot

Just because you have a law degree, doesn’t mean you have to be a lawyer. There are lots of other amazing jobs available to people with law degrees if practicing the law just doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit for you.

Some of the different jobs you can do using your law degree include:

  • Policy analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Professor of law or other fields
  • Politician
  • Human resources officer
  • Mediator or negotiator
  • Consultant
  • Writing or publishing
  • Insurance adjuster
  • Journalist or news producer
  • Marketing manager
  • An agent in sports or entertainment

These are just a small sampling of the various options out there for you. Explore everything that’s out there, and you’ll find the perfect career in no time at all.

Now You Know What to Do After Law School

Hopefully, you now have a plan for what to do once you graduate from law school. But, you don’t actually have to stick with just one thing. If you don’t like what you choose, you can always change your mind and switch to something that suits you better.

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