What you need to do to maximize work space?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

During office hours and days, our worlds are small as our work spaces. We make things happen right in our very own desks or within our arm-reach. Unfortunately, not all have the luxury to get room or cubicle so keeping a tidy and spacious desk is absolutely necessary. What you need to do to have an inviting workspace that makes you productive?

Separate and eradicate.  Keep it clean is the simplest advice and the basic rule to maximize your work space. However, it’s a tedious activity especially during your toxic days so you need little steps. These steps are separating and eradicating things according to their purpose and matter of urgency. Let’s say you have active and inactive files. Active files should be on your desk, while the others should be below or somewhere else.

Credit: Jeff Sheldon  /Unsplash
Credit: Jeff Sheldon /Unsplash

Some prefer to scan inactive files or documents and store the soft copies to their email, Google drive or hard drive.  This is a cool practice, so you’ll have spacious and paperless workspace.  Other items to remove are the reading materials that you don’t read any more like brochures, magazines and books.  You don’t need to throw them, but keep in mind that items on your desk should be the things you only use on daily basis.

Use the wall.  Frames and paintings are good on the wall for inspiration. When the call of limitation hits, it also the perfect place for your monitor, board, phone, calendars and other stuff you can mount. Of course, it’s ideal if you can have a wall cabinet where you can put your books, file folders, and other office supplies.  If you don’t have a wall to use, resort to boxes or a file cabinet that you can place under your table.

Bond loose cable wires. Apart from papers, cables and wires also eat spaces be it on the wall, desk or floor.  Tie the telephone, computer, and extension cables using tape or plastic binders and keep them hidden as much as possible.