What to Look for When Hiring: Best Employee Qualities

Best Employee Qualities

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What to Look for When Hiring: Best Employee Qualities | Are you on a recruitment drive to find the best employees possible? Do you have a pile of resumes, each filled with a wealth of experience and qualifications that you cannot choose between? Then you need to look deeper, to ensure you get the best candidates for the job.

Looking deeper involves going beyond what is written on the paper. To assist, we have provided the best employee qualities for your next recruitment event.

Organizational Skills

One of the most basic, but often overlooked qualities, is the organizational skills of an employee. They may have the greatest resume and qualifications ever to be on paper, but if they cannot prioritize a series of tasks then all of that is for nothing.

In a world where tasks are becoming increasingly fragmented and diverse, you need employees who have organization skills at the top of their list.

Problem Solvers

Just like organization, problem-solving is another of the employee values that are becoming more important. In fact, as many tasks become automated or facilitated by technology, problem-solving the human aspects of things may be one of the primary jobs your employees have to do.

Divulging if a potential employee is a problem solver is harder to do. There are a number of standard resume inserts that always allude to it, but you should make sure to ask about instances of problem-solving in an interview.

Try to take this away from workplace examples, and you will see if the recruit actually does problem-solving in their daily life, or only when required in the workplace.

Best Employee Qualities and Honesty

Honesty is another workplace trait that is hard to come by. However, if you can find a member of the workforce who is truly honest you will have a fantastic asset.

Honest employee values will make the morale of your workforce increase. You will be able to trust them with increasingly difficult tasks which they can do on their own. If not, they should be honest enough to just tell you outright.

In addition, an honest employee can often be the voice of the actual workforce itself. While many may not have the nerve to tell management what is going on, an honest employee can point out areas that are not working, and how improvements can be made. This is a serious asset for any company, and should not be overlooked.

Self Monitoring

As many organizations have moved towards home working, self-monitoring has become very important. Deadlines still need to be reached, and people still need to communicate.

The required tasks from a worker are also more vast than before. Employees may find themselves as a pay stubs maker one minute then being a designer the next. In the new working environment, micromanaging is just not feasible, and so a self-monitoring employee is essential.

Conduct Multiple Interviews

When looking for the best employee qualities in a person, you will need more than one interview. Try to question them on the same topics in different ways, to discern what their actual view is and which are just for the interview.

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