What to Expect During Your Arm Lift Surgery Recovery

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What to Expect During Your Arm Lift Surgery Recovery | Did you know that close to 18 million people in the United States got some sort of cosmetic surgery done in 2018? With more people wanting to improve their looks, cosmetic procedure rates continue to climb year after year.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the fat on your arms and make them appear trimmed and toned? A brachioplasty, or an arm lift, might be the best option for your needs.

Once you have your surgery, you’ll need to go through arm lift surgery recovery. Here are some facts about arm lift surgery healing time, and how you can make the process easier on your body.

Get Plenty of Rest

After your invisible arm lift surgery, you probably don’t want to go back to work or your usual responsibilities. If possible, get as much rest as possible. Surgery is hard on your body and rest is essential to speeding up the healing process.

Try something to treat yourself so you don’t have to work as much after your surgery. Put on your favorite show or order a meal while you recover from your procedure.

Avoid Excessive Scarring

Although almost any surgical procedure will leave a scar, there are steps you can take to minimize visible scarring. For the ideal invisible arm lift surgery recovery, your surgeon will likely place incisions on the inside of your arms. That way, they will not be as noticeable.

For aftercare, make sure not to tear or stretch your stitches. You can also use products that help erase scars to make the incision site as small as possible.

Prepare for Pain and Discomfort

During your arm lift surgery healing time, you will no doubt feel discomfort when the numbing starts to wear off. You may get prescription painkillers, but you can also use anti-inflammatory painkillers from any drugstore. These can help with general pain and swelling at the incision site.

Before you take any medicine, make sure to consult with your surgeon. Most over-the-counter pain medications are fine, but it is better to ask, rather than take a risk of interacting medications.

Limit Your Activity

After you get your procedure done, you should try not to use your arms unless absolutely necessary. You should avoid working out and lifting things, as these could cause strain on your incisions.

For clothing, wear loose-fitting tops as much as possible. You can limit fabric from rubbing against your surgical sites and decrease your brachioplasty recovery time. Compression clothing also helps.

Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Made Easy

You should not have to worry about any excess issues are your brachioplasty. During arm lift surgery recovery, you can expect the best results possible by following these key steps.

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