What to Do On a Weekend Trip to Peoria, Illinois

What to Do On a Weekend Trip to Peoria

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What to Do On a Weekend Trip to Peoria  Illinois | In 2019, Illinois set a new tourism record with over 100 million visitors. As we emerge from a year of uncertainty, Illinois is gearing up to set more records, and Peoria, Illinois is a great place to start.

Even if you’re planning a quick weekend trip to Peoria, there are plenty of exciting places and activities to check out.

Get out your itinerary and get ready to feel vacation planning inspiration like never before!

Read on for all the coolest things to see on your next weekend trip to Peoria, Illinois.

Go Wild at Peoria Zoo

Enjoy six unique, walkable parks in the Peoria Zoo, including the Tropics Building and Asian trail. Take a look at the day’s schedule for classes, special exhibits, and shows. You’ll get to catch a glimpse of the resident rhinos, wallabies, tigers, and more!

Looking for more animal time after you finish up at the zoo? Head about 15 minutes west of the city and check out the Wildlife Prairie Park.

Learn and View at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

Did you know that Smithsonian museums extend well beyond Washington DC? You can find an extension of the Smithsonian museum circuit right in the heart of Peoria!

Peoria Riverfront Museum features rotating exhibits from the overarching Smithsonian program. The Riverfront Museum covers interests ranging from history to science to art. Everyone in the family will find something to love in this incredible museum!

Catch an Event at Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for Performing Arts

Looking for a way to spend the evening kicking back and enjoying a show? Hoping to enjoy a fun and interactive event during your weekend in Peoria, Illinois?

The Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for Performing Arts offers a wide variety of events on both weekends and weeknights. Check out the event calendar at https://www.thebettyjayne.com/calendar to find events like paint nights, jazz performances, and dance lessons.

Enjoy Nature at Luthy Botanical Garden

Located conveniently close to the Peoria Zoo, the Luthy Botanical Garden offers the perfect outdoor attraction for all ages. You can learn all about local flora as well as exotic plants like succulents, orchids, and more.

The Luthy Botanical Garden was established in 1951 as a space to help Peoria locals connect with nature. Now, you can enjoy over 15 different themed gardens such as a rose garden, a tropical garden, and a garden geared toward the kiddos. Admission is free but they always appreciate donations!

Make the Most of Your Trip to Peoria, Illinois

Illinois is a great place to visit and we’re ready to help them reach record levels of tourism this year! Spend a weekend in Peoria, Illinois, and check these amazing attractions off of your bucket list. You’re going to have an unforgettable weekend if you visit these places!

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