What To Do After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

What To Do After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident
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ExecutiveChronicles | What To Do After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident | The number of Amazon trucks on the road has increased recently. Thousands of delivery vehicles were purchased by Amazon in the fall of 2018 and leased to independent contractors, who can earn more than $4 million annually for an investment of up to $10,000.

Although Amazon instructs and trains its drivers, human error can still result in major and even fatal accidents. If this happens, you need the services of a truck accident attorney who is qualified and ready to fight for your financial recovery. An attorney can help you if you don’t know what to do after an accident caused by an Amazon truck since they have much more experience dealing with truck accidents. 

Obtain a Diagnosis 

If you want to receive compensation for your injuries, you must be able to prove that the accident was not your fault. Therefore, you should get medical help as quickly as you can after an accident. However, some injuries might not show symptoms early on, prompting you to avoid a visit to the medical center. Don’t make this mistake, as hidden injuries are more severe and even fatal. Moreover, by the time you realize, the statute of limitations might have expired in your state, leaving you with a hefty medical bill and no means to recover the damages. 

You should follow your treatment plan as clearly as you can at once. By doing so, you will be able to recover physically, and skipping any prescribed treatment can invalidate your injury claim.

Record the Accident

As soon as you treat your injuries and are in a safe place, begin gathering evidence to support your injury claims. For example, photos of your injuries, damage to your vehicle, witness accounts, and contact information. You should note the accident date, time, place, and initial reason for the incident.

Never Interact with Insurance Adjusters

Immediately after an accident, Amazon’s insurance provider or another insurer may contact you. You may have been busy starting your first care and physical rehabilitation, so you might not have time to call an attorney. When speaking with an insurance adjuster, be polite but avoid giving them too much information about the circumstances of the accident or your injuries.

Most likely, the adjuster will convince you that you do not require legal representation. Even when they claim to be with you, they are not. Since many unrepresented injury claimants accept settlements far less than they are entitled to, insurers do not want you to have legal representation for this exact reason.

Do Not Accept the Settlement Without Consulting an Attorney

Before you speak with a truck accident attorney, adjusters may offer a faster settlement in hopes that you will accept it. It’s a formula for disaster because you’ll get less than you need or deserve. Never agree to anything without discussing the merits of your claim with a truck accident attorney. If you accept too little, you cannot ask for more in the future.

Amazon Truck Accident Attorney

Accident lawsuits involving trucks or vans are challenging, especially when they involve Amazon delivery trucks. You want an attorney on your case as soon as possible so that they can act to protect the evidence and begin an investigation. Legal representation eliminates stress and allows you to focus on your care while they work on your claim.

Dealing with a large company like Amazon can be scary and difficult if you have suffered severe injuries in a trucking accident. Knowledgeable attorneys guide you through the process and ensure you get the money you deserve to normalize your life again.