What is a Good Past Time for Entrepreneurs?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

In order to perform well, some entrepreneurs bear unceasing pressures that eventually into serious health concerns. Apart from this, a life that’s only about work is a life without balance.  Thus, individuals with this lifestyle may find themselves excusing from attending their family affairs and ease their stresses.  Here are the other stress reliever activities that help businessmen to relax.

Sports are good exercise to develop good traits against work stress

Filipinos are fond of basketball, volleyball, and boxing that are physically challenging. If businessmen do these activities they don’t only exercise, but also understand the definition of camaraderie sportsmanship, healthy competition, and endurance.  These traits are superb assets to thrive in business even in tough times.

Doing creative stuff Help you to find unexplainable color and logic

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

You may need to spend more time in doing painting, sculpting, pottery and other art related activities, however doing those stuff are beneficial.  They as if help you to forget your stress, find meanings in your surroundings, and revitalize your good mood.

“Creative activity seems to also improve job performance outside of its effect on these traditional types of recovery,” Professor Kevin Eschleman, the lead researcher of a study about the benefits of art in working in San Francisco State University, shared via Daily Mail. “It can be rare in research to find that what we do in our personal time is related to our behaviours in the workplace, and not just how we feel.”

“People usually describe it as a deep experience that provides a lot of things for them.  But they also talk about this idea of self-expression and an opportunity to really discover something about themselves,” Eschleman continued.

Perhaps in the daily journals of entrepreneurs what you usually see are their client meetings, target tasks to finish, and accounts that they need close within a month. However, those businessmen who find time to do their hobbies are apparently stay grounded and find balance.