What motivates your re-careering?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

People change through times because circumstances or phases in their lives. A workaholic bachelor may become family man valuing quality time with his family. Same with easy go lucky office lady, who may plan to try entrepreneurship someday.  Indeed, someday or somehow employees would plan re-careering.

According to Investopedia, re-careering is not simply changing job, but a career shift. Commonly, people do this later in life due to money, power, prestige, passion, and lifestyle change.

Since it’s about having different path, updating your resume is not the only thing to do. It entails thorough preparations, researching, networking, and funding.  However, the basic step would be deep analysis for your present struggle and construction of future.   Possibly, you also need career pathing  to you realize what exactly you’re looking for

Money.  It’s practical to think that you need change if you want to get away from the rat race.  Although, you should be critical if this is your main reason. There are ways to augment your income without leaving your present job. You should consider negotiating first your desired salary.

Power.  Power is vague and yet, brings abundance to those who pursue to achieve it.  Usually, they are those who like to be in control of their career and income. However if you like to be an entrepreneur or even as a politician, how’s your leadership skill?  Can you wear different hats or do multiple duties especially in the early stage of your business? Realistically, a reason why many fail to achieve power is they don’t anticipate to do dirty works, set aside their egos, and learn more.

Passion.  Besides money, pursing one’s true passion is a common reason of re-careering.  Perhaps, it’s rooted from unfinished business you stopped doing a long ago. On the other hand, there are career shifters who risk to try their newly found interests that they can’t ignore.

Prestige.  Giving value to prestige can be shallow or significant depending on the mindset of a person. There’s something about garnering honors than mere boasting. An example of this are the actors who like to receive acting awards here and abroad.  They want to find out how they emerge as thespians.  Furthermore, prestige can be rebranding or another breakthrough in their careers.

Credit: Pixabay

Lifestyle change. Many think of re-careering later in life because they also need lifestyle change.   Apart from age, employees also seek different approaches for their new priorities.  For example, a working mom will start to look for new job that will make her work from home. It also the same with individuals with deteriorating health. They may settle to earn less as long as their jobs are not physically demanding.