What Items Are You Permitted To Bring to Rehab?

What Items Are You Permitted To Bring to Rehab?

What Items Are You Permitted To Bring to Rehab? | Deciding to go into an inpatient rehab center is a serious decision and one that may change your life forever. When struggling with a substance abuse disorder with either drugs or alcohol, deciding to get help is the first step to long-term sobriety. An inpatient program can be particularly intimidating because you leave your family and friends to live at the rehab center. However, many struggling with drug or alcohol addiction need to separate themselves and focus entirely on the treatment program for an extended period.

When going to an inpatient addiction treatment program, you may have many questions about what it will be like, what the counselors are like, how detox is going to feel, and if your individual needs will be met. Many of the things you may be wondering, you won’t find out until you go. However, there are some things you can find out ahead of time. For example, you may be wondering what items you are allowed to bring with you.

Contact the rehabilitation facility before you go.

The first step is to contact rehab centers to see what they allow and if you can secure a bed there. The Hope House is one of the best rehab centers in Phoenix and is an excellent option for those in the Phoenix area or those looking to get away from their home area and the influences that led to their drug addiction. So if you were to choose The Hope House, you would call and ask them what you can bring.

Most rehab facilities allow you to bring your clothes and a few personal items, such as a book or photos of loved ones. It is up to the rehab center if you can bring your personal care items or if they will provide them. It is also up to the facility if you are allowed to bring things like cigarettes or your cell phone. If you are staying for a while, you may want to get some comfort items like a mini-fridge for your water or fruit bowls, a portable filter machine, or even a fan to help you stay cool. Every facility has different rules, so it is best to call ahead and ask.

Follow the rules.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers have to be cautious of people bringing in substances they shouldn’t have, so they will search your belongings before bringing them to your room. It is critical to follow the rules and not bring anything that they have prohibited. The best-case scenario is that they will take away whatever it is that you weren’t supposed to bring. The worst-case scenario is that they will tell you to leave for not following the rules, and then you will need to find a new facility to go to.

Determine what your priorities are.

There is a good chance the rehab facility will say you can’t bring things you want to bring. If they deny your request, are you going to use that as a reason not to go, or are you going to put your need for help above your comfort? The treatment program is a limited time. Even if it sounds like a long time, it will go by quickly, and it is time you need to focus on your health. It will come down to what is important to you, and to beat addiction, your top priority needs to be getting well.

Facilities will have strict rules regarding what you can bring based on what is safest for all clients and the staff. The rules are made for a reason, and it is best to respect the rules and focus on getting all the help and support you can get while there. Overcoming addiction means making lifelong changes and ongoing recovery support.