What Issues Do Fertility Lawyers Handle?

What Issues Do Fertility Lawyers Handle?

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What Issues Do Fertility Lawyers Handle? | Not every pregnancy and birth is as uncomplicated as a man and a woman getting married and creating a child together.  There are nuance infertility and child-raising that can cause many people to want to go to court.  Whether you’re defending your right to see your child, or a sperm donor is overstepping what they agreed to do- a fertility lawyer can come in handy.  Their jobs are complicated, but the main goal is to protect families and ensure that every child affected gets to live everyday and comfortable life.

Protect Fertility Rights

The main job of a fertility lawyer is to deal with surrogacy cases.  In these cases, another woman, besides the mother, carries a fertilized egg until birth can be emotionally charged and taxing on everyone involved.  Some surrogates, especially first-time surrogates, have trouble letting go of the child after birth.  This happening can be horrifying for the child’s biological family, who will do anything they can to keep their child with them.

Having a fertility lawyer on hand to walk you through this process and give you the information you’ll need is vital.  Just having a fertility lawyer on hand can be enough to provide you with peace of mind while a surrogate helps create your child.

Deep Understanding of Fertility Law

Fertility law is complicated and full of addendums and changes at any given time.  These attorneys study the law and keep informed.  They work to support children with the rightful parent or parents.  They’re also trained in the social needs that families in this situation have and can be understanding and supportive through and hardships.

Specializing in Local Laws

Every state, and even some major cities, have different laws regarding fertility and who’s in the right in these situations.  Some states don’t even allow surrogacy, which means you may have to go out of state to do this procedure.  Michigan is the only state still hard on surrogacy, so it’s better to avoid it if you live there.

Executes Legal Agreements

Fertility lawyers will file and execute any agreements necessary.  They’ll argue your case in court and will support you to the extent of their abilities.  Like any other lawyer, they’re there to represent you and ensure you get everything you need.  They’ll follow through and help with the steps following the lawsuit and answer any questions you have.


Fertility lawyers help you with any issues that come up from surrogacy or other legal issues that arise from trying to create a child medically.  They’re heavily versed in national and local law and aim to help people keep their children, or have children in the first place.  Their most common cases revolve around surrogacy, same-sex couples, using donor eggs, using sperm from an unknown donor, and considering frozen embryo adoption.  

All of these are desperately wanting to have children and may have to fight against more than just odds to have them.  These attorneys help families happen and protect them from people who may want to claim the child or separate them from their family.