What is Victim Mentality and what you should do about it?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Everyone likes a good conversation with their friends or colleagues as it’s where the bond become solid. However, everybody also hates to talk to people with victim mentality. Do you know anyone who like this or you have it as well?

On Psychology Today, psychiatrist and empath Judith Orloff, M.D. shared that individuals with victim mentality are ready to exude their “poor-me” persona and inclined to blame others for their misfortunes.  Apart from they become annoying, the author of “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” warned that they also like clingy vampires who treat others as their therapist.  Consenting them may cause problems and at the same time, no one wins if the blame game goes on and on.

On the other hand, Dr. Orloff recommended to be diplomatic in relating to them. As much as possible, be direct and use kind words when you give advice. In offices where mostly the culprit of distractions are the chatty workers with problems,  the author advised make body languages such as crossing your arms to show that you don’t like to engage in a conversation.

“Sincerely respond, ‘I’m really sorry that’s happening to you.” Then, after listening briefly, smile and say, ‘I’ll keep good thoughts for things to work out. I hope you understand, I’m on deadline and I must return to work,”’ Dr. Orloff’s tip.

Credit: Unsplash/ Sascha Oberholzer
Credit: Unsplash/ Sascha Oberholzer

People with victim mentality maybe considered as energy drainers as they may affect your productivity, decision-making or worst, your drive.  Spending time with them doesn’t only sip your time for your tasks, but also your energy and happy vibes.  Remember in work performance, energy is everything as it where your productivity starts or end. Thus, it is important to protect it at all cost particularly if you have tight deadlines and stressed.

On the other hand, snapping out the victim mentality from your system is definitely helpful for your life and career progress.  You will know where to improve if you acknowledge your shortcomings and weaknesses.  In addition to that, you’re creating more problems if you refuse and block the true solutions you need.