What Is The Illinois Personal Injury Statute of Limitations?

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ExecutiveChronicles | What Is The Illinois Personal Injury Statute of Limitations? | What Illinois personal injury law is there? The American Bar Association states that personal injury law, commonly known as tort law, safeguards you if you or your property is hurt or damaged due to another person’s action or inaction. If the plaintiff wins, the defendant (the person who caused the injury) pays compensation.

A dog bite, a slip, and fall, or an automobile accident are all examples of personal injury lawsuits in Illinois. The victim may require time and assistance to heal right away. Seeing a physician or consulting a personal injury attorney are two examples of this assistance.

If someone else’s carelessness resulted in a serious injury to you or someone you care about, contact Tuite Law.

However, many people put off getting in touch when it comes to hiring counsel. Unfortunately, some people wait until it is too late to contact a lawyer.

There are stringent deadlines known as the statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit in all personal injury situations. Basically, you have a limited window of opportunity to seek compensation for your accident.

What Are The Illinois Personal Injury Statutes Of Limitations?

According to the statute of limitations, anyone who sustains a personal injury due to the carelessness of another person or business has two years from the original injury to file a case.

In other words, before the statute of limitations expires, you have 2 years from your injury to consult with a lawyer, retain them, and submit a complaint in your case.

The Two-Year Rule Exemptions

The statute of limitations for bringing a personal injury lawsuit has various exceptions. If you believe your situation fits under one of the following exceptions, please contact a lawyer:

  • If the victim of the accident develops a legal handicap at any point after the collision but before a personal injury claim is made.
  • If the accident victim had a legal impairment (such as a mental disease) at the time, they had two years from the moment the disability was remedied to file a case.
  • The two years do not begin to run down until the injured party becomes 18 if they were underage at the time of the initial accident.
  • The time away probably will only be included in the two years if the person who was responsible for the accident departs Illinois before the lawsuit can be filed.