What Is the Healthiest Sleeping Position?

What Is the Healthiest Sleeping Position? A Guide to Getting a Better Night's Sleep
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What Is the Healthiest Sleeping Position? | Feel like your night’s rest is not enough? This might be due to your sleeping positions!

Unfortunately, the position you find most comfortable might be causing some of your health issues. The wrong sleeping position may cause anything from sleep apnea to back pain. Your body uses sleep to repair and restore itself, and your sleep position can hinder or help that process.

In this guide, we’ll be revealing the healthiest sleeping position. Read on to know how this sleeping position can help you through the nights to come.

Sleeping on Your Side

Did you know that about 74% of people choose to sleep on their side? Why? This is because sleeping on your side can offer the best benefit of waking up to a night’s rest without feeling pains.

Sleeping on your side also offers plenty of benefits for both old and young. So why should you start side sleeping?


Sleeping on your side can promote a healthier spine alignment, which decreases the chance of back pain in the morning. When done correctly, you can reduce your lower back pain and joint pains.

Don’t believe that your sleeping position can help with your back pain? Take a look at this to see the link between sleep and lower back pain.

Side sleeping can also reduce snoring and heartburn. This sleeping position is great for people who suffer from acid reflux or sleep apnea.

If you’re a heavy snorer, sleeping on your side can clear your airway since gravity doesn’t push down your throat. Not only that, but you also get healthier gut health. Side sleeping can improve your digestive system, easing gastrointestinal issues like constipation, heartburn, and bloating.


However, not everyone can sleep in this position. Sleeping on your side can cause your shoulder to feel tight and sore when you wake up. To prevent this, you have to switch positions now and then.

Side sleeping also contributes to facial wrinkles since your face is tightly pressed against your pillows. This compresses and stretches your skin.

You may also add wrinkles if you tend to tuck your chin down when you sleep on your side. This also causes you to feel pain in your neck when you wake up.

Which Side Is Best?

Sleeping on different sides can cause different pains and benefits. The left side is the best to sleep on if you want to improve digestion, heartburn, and back pain. However, sleeping on your right side places less pressure and allows more circulation on your heart.

How to Sleep on Your Side

Imagine when you’re standing up with an ideal posture looking straight ahead. This should make your ear hole line up with your shoulders. Use that reference and keep that kind of posture while you sleep on your side.

Use the Healthiest Sleeping Position to Sleep In

Although sleeping on your side might not benefit everyone, it’s the most common and healthiest one that you can try today. Aside from your sleeping position, you also need to prepare the most comfortable mattress, pillows, sheets, and blankets. Get a good night’s sleep with the healthiest sleeping position by sleeping on your side.

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