What Is Natural Flavor: A Brief Guide

What Is Natural Flavor: A Brief Guide

What Is Natural Flavor: A Brief Guide | Most people don’t know very much about natural flavors. However, they assume certain things just based on the name. In some cases, those assumptions are false.

For example, a survey found that 89% of consumers thought that natural flavors were necessarily clean label. In fact, that is not always true.

Of course, there are more fundamental questions that people want answers to. What is natural flavor? How is it different from artificial flavoring?

Read on to learn all about natural flavors and what sets them apart from alternatives!

What Makes a Natural Flavor?

Some people have a mistaken idea about what natural means. They think that it suggests that something is healthy. In some cases, they assume that it means that something was sourced through sustainable methods.

In fact, the word natural simply means that something comes from nature. When it comes to food science, natural flavors are simply flavors from a plant or an animal. Those flavors can take the forms of essential oils, essences or extracts, distillates, or any product that results from a roasting process.

Of course, the usual result of these processes is that you have something that tastes like the plant or the animal that it comes from. But that is not always the case at all.

Some beef flavors can be made from wheat and milk. Some flavors are labeled for what they taste like rather than where they come from.

Here is how you can tell the difference. If something is called natural flavor, it is derived from the natural source in the name, like natural watermelon flavor.

On the other hand, if it says natural flavor for watermelon, it is talking about the flavor rather than the source of the flavor. The actual source of the flavor could be anything and is probably not watermelon.

What Are Artificial Flavors?

On the other hand, artificial flavors come from sources other than plants and animals. Vanilla flavor is often artificial. It is made from paper rather than from vanilla beans.

When you are choosing between natural and artificial flavors for a product you are creating, it helps to be able to experience the natural flavor ingredients for yourself. Whether you are looking at natural light flavors like natural vanilla flavor or you prefer a heavier flavor, you will be able to perfect your formula if you can experiment with different combinations.

If you would like to learn more about natural flavors’ meanings and how you can try out many different flavors to find the right formula for your needs, then check out the flavor lab.

Know What Is Natural Flavor and What Is Artificial

We hope that you learned something helpful from this brief article on some of the differences between natural flavor and artificial flavors. If you have ever asked yourself, “What is natural flavor?” then we hope that you know the answer now. Picking the right natural flavors for your products is one of the absolute most important ways to increase their success.

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