What is Digital Option Trading: Pros and Cons of it

Digital Option Trading

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What is Digital Option Trading: Pros and Cons of it | What are “options”? It is a variety of investment in different financial sources, hence It acquires value from an underlying asset or surety.

There is no determined.price or security as a price fixed beforehand. This is known as the strike price. It can be bought like other asset s with brokerage investment accounts.

What is Digital Option Trading

It is generally very powerful and can improve a traders’ portfolio to a greater extent. This is done using added income, protection and even leverage. Based on the situation, there are different ways in which the options can be used to fulfill the investor’s goals. For instance, options can be used as a hedge against the weak stock market to limit the downside losses. It can also be used to generate recurring income. It can be used for betting on the direction of the stock and there is also an upfront fee known as premium for digital options that is the biggest loss for options.

Analyzing Digital Option 

This provides a greater level of freedom and better-earning capacity compared to the binary option. The profitability of this type of trading can be determined in advance by adjusting the strike price. When the strike prices are moved closer to the current level of prices, then a trader will reduce the expected profitability of the transaction while at the same time decrease the ratio of the risk involved in the transaction. A trader can take some extra risk by pushing the strike price away from the actual prices in hopes of receiving higher profits. 

A trader has almost fifteen minutes to sell the option before it expires. If he feels that the trend is going in the wrong direction then he is free it sell the option at any time. 

Selling digital option is same as buying but put option where investor expects the underlying to be below the strike price at the same time as the options expiry and Few numbers of digital options broker categorize the option in two ways like as calls and puts

mobile other brokers have only one option where they will get the opportunity to buy and sell depending on the expectation of price fluctuation.

Steps to trade in digital options

The pact can be set up with a few clicks.

  1. Choose the desired assets 
  2. Choose the expiration period
  3. Select the strike price
  4. Click the Call button if you think that the actual price will go up or click on the Put button if the price is expected to go down.
  5. Wait for the expiration time to come or sell the option before its maturity period is over.

There are three factors that you will need to adjust while drawing up an agreement. This includes the amount of money put in to make the trade, the period as well as the strike price. Generally, the trader chooses strike prices close enough to the current price. Some traders do intentionally go for higher/lower strike prices to adjust higher risks while pursuing higher returns.   

Regulations of Digital Options 

Digital options may look similar to the standard options contracts but it may be possible that it is sold on sites that are not monitored properly hence may turn out to be fraudulent. Therefore you have to be careful while doing this type of trading.

On the other side, there is a risk of fraudulent activities and for the purpose of safety, the investor should justify the platforms through authorized agencies like this security exchange commission and the commodity future trading Commission.

Nadex is the official broker of this trade in the United States, it offers strike prices and expiration dates for various underlying assets Most of their options have a value of $100 that turns to $0 at the time of expiry.

Unique features of digit options

Unlike in the case of other options, the digital options brokers, do not transfer ownership of shares when exercised /close to their expiration date.

Instead, the price of the underlying security is gone over or below this strike of the option at expiry, Digital option recovers the money pay all the fixed amount to the investor by paying all the fixed amount to the investor. The guaranteed amount is decided by the contract and does not depend on the extent to which the underlying shift costs.

Once the assets expire in-the-money, then the option is profitable. It is eventually paid out with the trader raking the proceeds of the trade. Similarly, if the option is out-of-money, this signals for a loss and the trader only loses the premium initially paid despite the underlying assets price movements.

The digital option will expire-in – the-money only when the actual price is not the same as the strike price. 

Pros and Cons of Digital Option Trading


  • If the underlying assets move away from the strike price then the digital options traders do offer a certain amount. 
  • The amount of incurred loss trade is proportional to the upfront fee or premium paid while beginning the trade.
  • Digital Options does not Negotiate to underlying shares
  • The minimum investment can be as low as $1
  • Has an expiration time between 1 to 15 mins.
  • No brokerage fee
  • The return can go up as high as 900%


  • Digital options’ profits are confined to fixed payout.
  • This trade can be perilous if the trade is done on unregulated platforms available for forex trading   
  • The investor can not catch up with the price gain after the expiry once there i no ownership or the underlying security    

Risk Mitigation

The rules for risk mitigation do come into effect for digital option transactions as well like the other options Some traders do not place more than 3% of the trading capital to a single transaction as it is too dangerous in the long term. It is highly recommended by experts to take enough time and learn the tricks of this trade using a practice account before actually getting on the field to play your game.

End of this conversation, it clear to state that digital options trading has much more independence comparing with another specific trading system and the trader will be benefited by taking a higher amount of price.so the future of this trading system wider than other trading systems.