What is difference between Brainstorming and meeting?

(Credit: Pixabay)

Teamwork is very important in every company that’s why there are things such as meeting. However, this activity is apparently more like of listening to a leader’s ideas or reporting the accomplishments in a given period of time. Though office meetings are essential, some employees find it intimidating and too formal.  How about brainstorming or ideation?

The term brainstorming is typical especially in creative people that are into writing and production. It is similar to a meeting of colleagues, but works well for smaller group like below ten persons for easier exchanges and digestions of ideas. It’s exciting and productive if each member has leeway to speak, whether their ideas is outrageous or safe. Another point in brainstorming is almost no one stand as a leader, but instead everyone is welcome to give their input.  You can do brainstorming in a board room, secluded coffee shop or even to an office-mate’s house.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

It is easy to feel comfy and relaxed in brainstorming so there must be simple rules or process to follow.  However if you’re not focused, your sessions may become mere social gathering.  According to Globe and Mail’s report, it is important that you stick with issues or agenda that you want to solve even if you’re gathering diverse ideas. The report added that it’s not about finding instant and perfect solutions, but picking up the concepts that are worthy to try.  Don’t force to have everything in one session as you can do two or more to get the best idea to do.

Meanwhile, it’s ideal if all the members of any brainstorming session stay focused, open-minded, and involved.  It is possible that some may still feel intimidated and offended if there’s prejudice. However, remember that brainstorming is not about who is the bright. It’s for who are willing to contribute to make superb ideas and strategy for a company’s sake.  On the other hand, since it’s going to be cozy and intense, better to digitally record the brainstorming session so you don’t miss important notes.