What Is an SSL Certificate and Why Should Your Website Have One?

What Is an SSL Certificate

Executive Chronicles | What Is an SSL Certificate and Why Should Your Website Have One? | Are you concerned about your website security?

It’s a legitimate worry since global breaches cost companies $3.86 million every breach. You have lots of options for website protection. The simplest among them is getting an SSL certificate.

As a beginner, you might wonder, what is an SSL certificate? Read on as we discuss everything you have to know about this security feature.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer certificate verifies a website’s identity. It allows your visitors to enjoy an encrypted connection. After all, the SSL protocol establishes an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server.

Regardless of your industry, add an SSL certificate to your website. It is especially when you offer online transactions and get customer information. When you have this security feature, the data remains private and secure.

Your website visitors will immediately know whether your website has an SSL certificate. They will see a green padlock icon next to the URL.

Several versions of the SSL protocol existed throughout its 25-year existence. All experienced security troubles, prompting the upgrades. The technical name of the newest SSL version is Transport Layer Security (TLS).

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

SSL ensures any data transferred between your website and your users is impossible to decipher. It uses various encryption algorithms, scrambling data during the transfer. As a result, hackers have no idea how to read the information sent over the connection.

The SSL handshake process seems lengthy, but it happens within a few milliseconds.

Why Buy SSL Certificate?

The primary benefit of SSL certificates is securing customer data. It also verifies your website, preventing hackers from making a fake version.

With an SSL certificate, your customers recognize your website as trustworthy. When they trust your business, they are more likely to support you. Trust is a vital factor in your growth since it is the cornerstone of decision-making in customers.

How to Get an SSL Certificate

You can get this certification from a Certificate Authority (CA). They play a vital role since they enable transparent, trusted interactions online. These organizations issue millions of SSLs every year.

The cost of an SSL certificate ranges from free to hundreds of dollars. It depends on the security level your business needs.

How fast you get your certificate depends on your chosen type and provider. Every validation level has a specific duration to complete. For example, a simple Domain Validation SSL certificate only takes minutes after making the order.

Once you obtain your SSL certificate, go to your web host and configure it. If you host the website using your servers, do it there.

Get an SSL Certificate Now

We hope our guide answered your question, “what is an SSL certificate?” If you’re unsure whether your website has one, get a professional to check SSL certificate for you. 

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