What Is a Medical Escort and When Would You Need One?

What Is a Medical Escort

ExecutiveChrpnicles.com | What Is a Medical Escort – Know About It | What Is a Medical Escort and When Would You Need One? | Most people are aware of the frustrations of airports and airplanes. Long lines, small quarters, harried staff. Now imagine being ill on top of that?

A medical escort is an excellent option for ill people who need to travel by plane. Read on to learn what this is, who qualifies, and why it is the right choice for your loved one.

What is a Medical Escort?

A medical escort is a non-emergency medical escort service. Medical escort is one of three options offered by medical repatriation companies, alongside air ambulance and road ambulance.

You can hire a medical escort to travel on commercial airlines. Each airline has rules and regulations and most have procedures to provide for medical escorts.

Some medical escorts are provided by the airlines, some are self-employed medical professionals or work for a medical escort company.

A medical escort has extensive training in dealing with airport and transportation arrangements as well as in administering medical treatment or basic medication. They will travel with the patient to ensure they reach their destination without discomfort or inconveniences.

To be legally able to work as a medical escort, the person must have a current state license and at least 5 years of experience in ICU or CCU training and training in Flight Physiology.

Medical escorts are a way that families can ensure that their ill loved one is provided a continuum of care even when 40,000 feet in the air.

Medical Escort Options

There are several options to choose from for airline care for ill and elderly passengers.

The first is a stretcher transport. Here, six seats are removed from the cabin of the plane. An airline stretcher with a privacy curtain will be installed for the passenger.

This option is only available on international flights.

There is also a coach or first-class aircraft option for both domestic and international airlines. For these options, patients typically need to be able to sit upright during takeoff, taxi, and landing.

Or, a lay-down pod may be possible for patients. These pods are sometimes referred to as a flying ICU compartment. These allow medical professionals to have full control of all the medical needs of the patient during the entire trip.

Who Can Utilize Medical Escort Services?

Before a patient is cleared to travel with a medical escort, they must undergo a thorough assessment.

This might mean reviewing x-rays, diagnostic reports and speaking with discharging physicians and caretakers. This is done to ensure the patient is able to physically and mentally manage the transport.

Medical escort is typically less expensive than air ambulance transportation. However, not everyone is suitable for this kind of travel. Be sure to discuss your loved one’s suitability with their health care provider.

Choosing the Right Medical Escort Services

All medical escort service providers do not provide the same quality of care and service. Here is what to consider before hiring a medical escort service for your loved one.

First, find out if the firm is registered and licensed. Look for a company that is accredited by CAMTS. Then, find out how much experience they have in safely transporting their patients.

Be sure to book directly with the medical escort service. This is an instance when you do not want a middle person involved. You can’t afford to have important details get lost in translation.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved One

Thanks for reading all about non-emergency medical escort services. Remember, when you book a medical escort, you are putting your loved one’s wellbeing in the hands of someone else. Be sure to choose a service that has a proven track record to ensure the proper care for the patient.

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