What entrepreneurs can learn from dating game?

Credit: Tom Sodoge /Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles


The hardship in finding the right mate depends on circumstances and personalities- or more than those reasons. In fact, even risk-takers and straight-forward businessmen may experience difficulties to enjoy dating. If luckily you already found your better half or still single, here are the things you can learn from the dating game?

Going out on a date is like a plucky business dealing.   Don’t underestimate individuals with conservative personalities. If they decide to go out for dates that means they’re open to make moves even though they’re nervous. Furthermore, people who date are always looking forward to be successful despite of slim chance to have it or experience many failed attempts.

Dating is not time for ego-stroking, it’s similar to matching your brand to your target market.  Not knowing who you’ll meet in a blind date make it more exciting. It’s more of anticipation than assumption, so in your end you’re hoping for something lovely. Perhaps for in preparation, searchers want to tone down their egos and just be themselves. On the other side, when they already meet their dates they like to just be open and connected with each other conversation.  It’s knowing what the others’ likes and characters and whether they’re compatible.

Flirting on dates is natural so as businessmen unashamed marketing efforts. Flirting is not harming, it’s expressing interests. It’s one of the common and anticipated things in dating game.  The styles may quite be differ based on the persons or situations, but the desired end-result is to show interest and hope to get affirmative reactions.

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Securing the second meeting or success in partnership. Convinced daters need to think twice before popping questions like “When will we meet again” or “will you be my boyfriend/ girlfriend?”  Asking can be shocking, but if a person already assess everything and then he or she’s ready to level up the relationship.  If it happens that the response is negative, then it’s the time for reasoning and decision.  Why waste time for shallow commitment?