What defines professionalism at work?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

At the work place and with educated people, it is expected from you to show professionalism at all times.  It’s the sought-after trait in any dealing so individuals can produce quality works and harmoniously co-exist with each other. However, isn’t good to know exactly what makes you professional and how to make it not only as your nice gesture, but innate quality.

In contrast to common notion, being professional is not only about possessing impressive educational background and wearing sleek business attire. You don’t only practice this trait whenever you’re with supervisor, boss and colleagues. Professionalism is more than proving up your skills, it’s also the discipline you impose when you work and behavior whoever you’re dealing with. Furthermore,  if somebody gives you this label that means you have a total package of several good qualities.

In the report of University of Missouri-Kansas City about “Professionalism in the Workplace,” presented by Shelvy L. Campbell (MS, EdS, ABD) and Dedriell D. Taylor (MS, EdS),  it’s mentioned that an individual’s professionalism is judged according to one’s communication, image, and demeanor. However, it also noted that it depends on one’s own definition of professionalism, [company’s] standards and expectations, and situational in nature. In this manner, you also should also know how to adapt to an office culture to fit in and redefine your sense of professionalism

According to Monster, respect for others is one of the key traits in being professional. The employment site also shared that it involves “competence, reliability, honesty, integrity, and self-upgrading.” You should also be optimistic, supportive to others, focused, and good listener. Thus, if it happens you’re acting negatively about your work and spreading bad vibes especially through gossiping that’s already an unprofessional act. In addition to this, you have to do your personal responsibilities to become competent and reliable.

On the other hand, your professional approach gives you several personal and career advantages like uplifting your self-worth, reputation, and personal branding.  Monster also imparted that your professionalism is your ticket for possible candidacy for promotion, to earn respect, and value so you’re worth to keep.