What Are the Most Common Eye Issues During Old Age?

What Are the Most Common Eye Issues During Old Age?

What Are the Most Common Eye Issues During Old Age? | As we age, life is not always easy on our bodies. Did you know that one-third of elderly Americans suffer from eye issues? So it’s something that needs looking at seriously.

If you’re getting older or your loved one doesn’t seem to have the vision they once used to, then keep reading as we break down the biggest eyesight issues for those who are about to hit old age.

Common Eyesight Issues

The most common eye issues for older adults approaching old age include cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, and age-related maculopathy. It is important to be vigilant about these issues.

Make sure you get your eyes checked often by a professional. Take appropriate measures to improve the quality of your vision, where it might not be as good as it once was.


As we age, our lenses become more opaque and take on the appearance of a camera lens. Patients who have cataracts may see things getting smaller or distorted.

Cataracts may also leave some with blurred vision or seeing halos around lights. Cataracts are treatable by surgical removal or replacement of the affected lens.

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Macular Degeneration

The first stage of this condition is Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This condition involves damage to the macula, a small area in your retina responsible for sharp central vision. It is a significant issue for both the old and young alike.

Age-Related Maculopathy

This condition is most prevalent in older adults with diabetes and macular degeneration, which is age-related maculopathy. This condition occurs when there is an abnormal growth of new blood vessels in or behind the eye.

It may result in distorted vision or even blindness. It can be treated but not cured.


Glaucoma is a disorder that affects the optic nerve. Patients with glaucoma may see things getting fuzzy or blurred, and they will experience pain in their eyes.

The pressure inside of your eyeball (intraocular pressure) causes this condition, and the best way to avoid pain is to maintain a normal intraocular pressure. This condition is treatable with medication or surgery.

Diabetic Eye Issues

Diabetes is one of the most common eye problems affecting the elderly. Since diabetic eye issues become more prevalent in old age, it is even more important for older adults to maintain good control of their diabetes and see an eye doctor regularly.

Diabetic eye issues may present themselves in many ways, including blurred vision, pain in the eyes, until even total loss of vision. These diabetic eye issues are avoidable or treatable if they are detected early enough.

Don’t Ignore Eye Issues

If you or a loved one is approaching old age, be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure a better quality of vision. If you take good care of your eyes now, it will translate into fewer eye issues and an overall healthier body as you age. After all, your eyes are your windows to the world outside.

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