What Are the Best Fast Food Franchises to Own?

What Are the Best Fast Food Franchises to Own?

Executive Chronicles | What Are the Best Fast Food Franchises to Own? | Are you ready to invest your time and money into your own business? If you are just starting out or want a business that already has a reputation, a franchise is a great idea. If you know the many benefits of buying into an established business, you can start making a profit almost immediately. 

As well as a reputation, you also get extensive training and advice. Read on as we present the best fast food franchises to own. 

Five Guys

One factor you should look out for when buying into a franchise is the ability for growth. Check to see how much that brand has developed in the last few years and if it is building a reputation or profits. If so, it signifies a good long-term investment and the ability to grow with you. 

Five Guys is a fast-food franchise that fulfills all of these quotas. There are numerous franchise outlets already cropping up, so try to find a catchment area where you have the monopoly. Your initial investment will need to be between $150k to $360k. 

Dairy Queen

Of all the best food franchises to own, Dairy Queen is the most flexible in terms of start-up costs. You will need anywhere between $350k to $1.8 million to build a branch of the soft-serve ice-cream parlor. Outlets can be as varied as small booths in gas stations and service areas to huge standalone restaurants. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes 

Nothing Bundt Cakes is one of the best franchises to own for anyone with a background in baking, who wants to start with a small, low-cost franchise. Its unique selling point is that it creates products with the feel of home, using the most luxurious ingredients. It is also building a reputation, with online deliveries in place and features in many major food media outlets. 

Kona Ice

If you are buying into a franchise and you want it open quickly, then Kona Ice is a great choice. For around $150k you can buy into a fast-growing, shaved ice franchise.

The unique selling point is that each one operates from a truck, so you don’t have the added task of buying into real estate and developing land. In addition, these vehicles are really eye-catching with the appearance of a beachside bar, filled with cartoon graphics. As the brand continues to grow, you get the chance to grow with it. 


Popeyes is a fried chicken restaurant that offers a great alternative to the mainstream KFC. The beauty is that you can find Popeyes across the globe, so you are buying into a worldwide reputation.

When purchasing a franchise, you can expect to invest anything from $390k to $2.6 million. 

The Best Fast Food Franchises to Own

Choosing the best fast food franchises to own comes down to a number of choices. First, check your initial investment budget, followed by the niche or area you want to invest in. After this, go for a franchise that offers support and training. 

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